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Monday, February 28, 2011

"I Spot a Hype Man" From Pear Head Media

Ever wondered what it would be like to walk around with your own personal hype man...well here ya go! Enjoy!

Uzoy "The [DEF]inition" Drops March 8th!

If you are a true hip hop head and never heard of Uzoy take a minute and check her out. You will be thanking me later. From Houston TX, she is a definitly a lyricist who is keeping Hip Hop alive and bangin' out your speakers!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Spot Welcomes Tarrey Torae Feb 17th at 10pm est!

Call in number 347-884-8899/

Southern at heart and Chicago bred Tarrey’s melodic presence springs from the crossroads of Mississippi geniality, essential womanhood, and passionate soul. No amateur to the music world, Tarrey is a 4time Apollo Winner, a recipient of 2 Grammys from her work on Kanye West’s College Dropout, and a co-writer/singer on one of Oprah’s favorite songs (John Legend’s “Live It Up”). Her voice soars to heights unvisited by the average singer and her full-bodied confidence reassures you this is classical music in the making. Though TARREY traces her earliest singing memories to childhood family pastimes, she had no plans of becoming a full-fledged performing artist. With a passion that far supercedes music, Tarrey had dreams of becoming Chicago’s first African-American woman mayor. Preparing for that path, Tarrey worked with housing organizing, youth programs,and voter registration initiatives. A proud member of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., Tarrey is also a former (position) for the NAACP and has worked alongside Dr. Ben Chavis, Cornell West, and Dr. Frances Crest Welsin to organize The National African American Leadership Summit. A graduate of Mississippi Valley State University, she was well on her way to a Master’s Degree before discovering she was destined to sing. 

Succumbing to her life calling, TARREY left her Masters Program and began showcasing her vocal talents at Chicago’s infamous Rituals. She soon became the front woman for the city’s highly acclaimed R&B band Soul Fed and from this point on her career continued to grow with great speed and intensity. Tarrey has gone on to appear at an increasing number of summer festivals and live venues throughout Chicago, Nashville, and New York City. Holding down stages solo, as part of toured extensively with the National NAACP Hip-hop Tour, the Nissan/Essence Magazine Electric Moyo Music Mix Tour,and as a background singer for Talib Kweli. Her audacious voice and songwriting skills have been featured on tracks with Kanye West, John Legend, Pete Rock, Freeway, and The Last Poets. With such accomplishments to uphold Tarrey Torae’s mind-blowing voice and creative fervor she is bound to leave a timeless mark on music. In the words of hip-hop sensation Talib Kweli, “TARREY TORAE is one of those rare talents that shines thru trends and will be talked about long after the music industry is gone.” Her current endeavors include her new forthcoming solo album “Sweetest Survivor” (January 27th, 2011). Beyond her music projects Tarrey Torae is working with on community development and partnerships to develop The Sweetest Survivor Foundation for children.

Skyzoo & !llmind #Allaboutthat Music Video

Epiphany Castro- Mood Ring

Check out "Mood Ring" from Epiphany Castro, her new album "The Alchemist" drops April 1!


If you are a battle rap fan like me you might enjoy this! Or it may make you cry. lol

Noel Gourdin "Beautiful"

Anthony David "4Evermore" feat. Algebra & Phonte Official Video

C.E.L.-GPS Your Love


One of 80's most prolific and successful hip hop artist and producers will be in Chicago for a full day of in structural learning conference on the art of not just making blazing music, but also how to market and present you sound to audiences worldwide. 
Let Eric Sermon of EPMD tell you if your tracks are industry ready and how to enhance your sound so that major artists will take notice. Highlights include: Producer feedback session with Eric Sermon, open networking stations for artists and producers to link, producer battle with some major grand prizes. EPMD concert and after party will special celebrated guest; Mikkey Halsted, Twone Gabz, Rhymefest, Marvo and Teefa.
Each of our artists will have a dedicated time with Erick Sermon of EPMD.  Erick is looking for the next big talent.  Make sure you bring your A+ material, dress the part, and be prepared to present yourself as a professional artist or producer.  Erick will critique your work and give you the ins and outs of the entertainment industry as it pertains to you!  This is a REAL opportunity for those of you who are TRULY ready to break into the industry.  Erick will choose the best artist and work with them personally to develop their craft. 
Following the seminar you will be able to see how your work compares to your peers during the “Beat “Battle & Cypher.”  If you think you are the best, then this is your chance to prove yourself to the world! 
After the professional activities EPMD will perform and you will be admitted to the “Official after Party” for networking and fun with Erick Sermon and his colleagues.

This event begins PROMPTLY at noon on March 12th at the Little Black Pearl1060 E. 47th Street, Chicago IL.  60653

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Spot Welcomes Camille G. Brown Feb 10th at 10pm est!

Classically trained, Camille started piano at the early age of 8. She began singing at the age of 6. “We all had our role model that we’d try to be in the mirror with a hairbrush for a microphone,” Camille says. “For me, it was either Janet Jackson or Whitney Houston.” She attributes her musical talent to her mom, who has always sung soulful music in the church and still fills the house with it.

Camille has been a singer and keyboardist in several bands: Soul Prodigy, Kewl Beanz, and Rented Mule, just to name a few. She has performed in several venues, including The Taste of Chicago, The West Oak Lane Jazz & Arts Festival, The Rumba, Checkerboard Lounge, Weeds, and many more.  In addition, Camille was nominated for the Outstanding Achievement Award in Music by the African American Arts Alliance.  No stranger to the studio as well, she has finished her self-titled CD, Camille G. Brown. 

People describe her music as upbeat, smooth, and relaxing. It is there to pique your listening senses. Each song takes you by surprise and captivates you in a different way so that you never know what to expect. But somehow, it congeals under the same umbrella. “In my music, I am many times telling the story of something that I experienced, or I am speaking directly to someone,” Camille describes. Essentially, she feels that everyone’s life is a story. She has just set hers to music.

DeStorm-How To Solve The Rubik's Cube! (Rap)

The Foreign Exchange's "Wild Tour Story"

Very interesting video from The Foreign Exchange, check it out!

Get to know R.Y.A.N. Easter

 Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio R.Y.A.N. Easter is an amazingly talented star on the rise. With "2Seater" dropping very soon he is definitly causing a buzz. One of my favorite tracks? "Lisa Bonet: I Love You." Make sure you check that out on his page (link at the bottom.) 

 Freedom's INK sat down and asked him a few questions to give our readers some insights on this multi-talented, down to earth artist that you should get to know. 

FI-Where did you your love of music come from? Who close to you has inspired you to become a performer? 

R.Y.A.N.-I really never was all into music growing up. My mom played Stevie Wonder a lot but really when the radio was on I wasnt paying much attention. I never wanted to perform or be a artist. I've always wanted to sit behind a desk and be in the governing body. Maybe every now and then I would make music/produce a track but i prefer to be WAAYYYYY behind the scenes lololol

FI-How long have you been in the entertainment industry? What have you done?

R.Y.A.N-Ive been doing music for about 9 years. I started out producing for others then i learned engineering and as all that took place I began to heighten my mic skills a bit! Ive produced for a ton of indie artist nationally, really too many to name and have had a track or two stolen from me by national artist but really thats water under the bridge at this point. Im just happy that label(The DrawingBoard Exp) is having success at the moment!

FI-Who currently inspires you creatively? Have you met any of them personally? 

R.Y.A.N.-My creativity is inspired by Sade, J Dilla, Prince, Snoop, The RZA, Pete Rock,  Royksopp, The great composer Louis Teicher from Teicher and Ferrante (his grandson plays violin for our label) and Hall & Oates! LOVE THEM ALL. Of that list I have met RZA personally numerous times.

Aritsts from the past who you look up to? 

R.Y.A.N.-Artists that i look up to (solely for music) Ghostface, Common, Prince and Goapele!

What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in the future? 

R.Y.A.N.-My goal is simple: I want to eat well and sleep comfortably, legally! lol Funny but true!

Where can you find more about R.Y.A.N? 
Check here 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Xen=mc2 Mixtape Free Download

Click here to find Xen on Facebook! I can guarantee you are going to love this mixtape. Check it out, let us know what you think! Leave your opinion in the comments section. 

Xen — Dear Winter

Check out Xen and you can download his free mixtape here

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sage Francis - "Escape Artist" **OFFICIAL VIDEO**

Going back a few years here...

"J. Dilla : STILL SHINING" promo trailer

RIP J. Dilla, keep an eye out for "Still Shining"


Nikki Grier-Broke My Heart (Official Video)

Lecrae - Background Ft. C-Lite - Music Video

Ghostpoet - Cash and Carry Me Home official video

Ghostpoet's 'Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam' Album Preview

Monica Monet " Natural High "

J. Ivy "2012" ft. Twone Gabz & Mikkey Halsted

Poetri-The Finest Guy I Ever Saw

The Spot Welcomes Joy Dennis Feb 3rd at 10pm est!

Call in number 347-884-8899

Joy Dennis is a vibrant, young R&B/ Soul/ Jazz singer/ songwriter from Jacksonville, FL. Raised by her mother, the singer spent many of her younger days in the west Jacksonville neighborhood of Mixon surrounded by generations of family members. Following in the footsteps of her grandmother, Joy developed a passion for music at an early age, influenced by artists such as Jill Scott and Billie Holiday. It's no surprise, then, that she offers a throwback retro sound to complement her powerful voice. Ri Magazine quotes, “Joy Dennis exhibits indie artistry at its highest caliber, definitely for the mature and sophisticated. Her vocal skill can be compared to the likes of Natalie Cole, Jill Scott and even Angie Stone. Joy Dennis’ soulful-urban-jazzy-melodic vibe hits all the right spots!”

Though she has been active in the music industry since 2004, she hit the Indie Circuit globally with her debut single “He Awaits” which was released in February of 2010. The track was instantly acclaimed as a highlight, as well as a fan favorite on the album, “Music Is”, released just 3 months later. She is most recently known for being the opening act on Variety Entertainment’s Funk Fest Concerts, which included headliners such as Charlie Wilson, Frankie Beverly, Babyface, Keith Sweat, Jaheim, BBD, SWV & Slick Rick as well as her own bi-weekly event entitled Black Thought Live music and open stage for touring artists.

Find out exactly what Music Is... to Joy Dennis. Experience 16 addictive tracks of words and melodies that span through the ages. The Debut Album from Joy Dennis "Music Is" now available in hardcopy on and for download on most online retail stores including iTunes, Amazon & Rhapsody. Sit back and fall in love with Soul, Funk and Jazz!