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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

B. Sharisse Moore comes to Rap or Spit Jan 9th at 9pm cst/10pm est.

“B. Sharise Moore is a rare…writer who masters…[complicated rhythms] and taps out her own very special beat.”~A. Kai, Rawsistaz Reviewer. Published author, certified English teacher, classical pianist, editor, and performance poet B. Sharise Moore is a New Jersey native and graduate of Rutgers University where she received a B.A. in English with a concentration in Creative Writing in 2001. For the past 8 years she has taught courses in English, Drama, French, Journalism, and Language Arts.
         B. Sharise stormed the world of performance poetry in 1998 and quickly became a slam champion, featured poet, and member of the New Jersey National Slam Team in 2002. Since then, she has shared the stage with the likes of HBO Def Poets Lamont Carey, Sonya Renee, and Gemineye while performing at venues throughout the country. Penned as a “writer's writer” on the spoken word scene, B. Sharise offers content editing and workshop services as the sole proprietor of Blaqmermaid Press. She released her first poetry CD “Chez Poet” in 2001, “Labyrinth,” in 2009, and her latest, “Peacock Feathers and Ruby Slippered Souls” in 2010. Moore's poetry has been published in The Journal of Black Poetry and The Mas Tequila Review among other anthologies and magazines. She is also the author of the critically acclaimed novel: “Taste”, an artful blend of fantasy and erotic fiction. 
Experience the astute, the fluid, the searching, the grit that is B. Sharise Moore on For booking, feel free to email her at

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ladies Night Dec 29th at 10pm est on The Spot.

Make sure you are there! Dec 29th at 10pm est. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ladies Night on The Spot Dec 29th at 10pm

Make sure you join us as the ladies take over. We will have an open no holds barred conversation on what it is like for women in the entertainment industry as well as some amazing music. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Spot Welcomes Future The Poet Dec 23rd at 10pm est.

Click here to listen LIVE Dec 23rd at 10pm est.

  • Future

    . . . . . is a powerful force in the Spoken Word movement.

    An accomplished spoken word artist, song writer and actor… Future has the power to turn a few simple words into a life-defining statement. Noted for his unparalleled depth, adeptness and agility in imparting knowledge, commentary and humor, Future moves and inspires audiences with his unique delivery, vocal projection, prolific writing skills and social consciousness, all while speaking with the conviction of a general, the intensity of a middle linebacker and the wisdom of a sage.

    A Flint Michigan native, Future was an industrious student and gifted athlete, most notably in football, throughout his time at Flint Public Schools. After graduating from Northern High School, Future attended the University of Michigan where he received his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications Media. Although he was always very creative with words, he never focused on those skills due to athletic aspirations. Years later, with dreams of the NFL behind him, he finally picked up a pen and began a new future.

    In his very first Slam competition, Future placed second and missed a tie for first by a mere half point. The response and respect had an immediate effect on him, and a new home was discovered on the stage.

  • Future is amassing an impressive collection of accolades, awards and championships including winning the Erotic Poetry Slam at The University of Michigan and being a member of two teams that won the Michigan Intrastate College Team Slam competition, and placing 9th overall in the Independent World Poetry Slam. Future has become one of the most sought-after spoken word artists in the country.

    After only a few years writing and performing, Future became the Redemption Poetry Slam Champion - Detroit Region, a nationwide poetry slam contest sponsored by FX Movies. He also was a showcased artist for the BET Pantene Total You Tour in Detroit and Washington, D.C. He shared the stage with the talents of poet Nikki Giovanni, hip-hop pioneer MC Lyte, BET anchor Jacque Reid, Grammy-winning gospel recording artist Yolanda Adams and comedienne Myra J. He has toured with The Manhattans, and alongside Ray, Goodman & Brown. Future was invited to open for soul singing sensation Dwele at the famed Southern Theater in Columbus, Ohio, where he shared the stage with fellow artists Eric Roberson. He has performed at the New Hazlet Theater in Pittsburgh with R&B artists, Donnie and Amel Larrieux. He has also performed with Saul Williams and opened for artist such as Common and Slum Villiage.

    The amazing power of his words has allowed him the opportunity to be featured on radio from Detroit’s FM 98 WJLB to Nashville’s 92Q. His second album, Future Presents: The 6th Day Phantom Menace, has been played on Flint’s local radio station 94.3 as well as Flint’s local TV station and Detroit’s internet radio station

    Future has been a performer on the nationwide television show, Spoken, on the Black Family Channel. During his television acting debut, he played the role of Q in a made-for-BET film called “Multitude of Mercies,” where he performed alongside Malcolm-Jamal Warner. Future has also shared the stage with performers such as Silk, Case, Chico DeBarge, Rome, Mighty Sparrow, Lady Calypso, Taalam Acey, Jessica Care Moore-Poole, Sonia Sanchez, Omar Tyree, Sonya Renee, Will “Da Real One” Bell and has recorded with Abiodune of the legendary Last Poets! 

  • Continuously developing his craft and the genre by pushing the boundaries artistically and aesthetically, he is laying his own path stage after stage. Being a well-traveled artist, Future, has performed all over the United States, including but not limited to Detroit, Miami, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Nashville, Columbus, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and Houston.

    Future is active member of the Flint and Genesee County communities, where he devotes his time, energy and talent as a member of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. as well as birthing the biggest stage for local talent with the “Future’s lyricist Lounge” showcase.

Rachel Walker- It's Over, I'm Gone

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Spot Welcomes Dawn Nicole Dec. 16th at 10pm est.

Who is Dawn Nicole?

Dawn Nicole, a fresh, new R&B-Soul Songstress on your radio! Neo-Soul marries a ‘hip-hop jazz vibe’ and gives birth to this East Coast Singer-Songwriter, pumping that Brand new flava in ya ear!

When she is not working on a various artists projects & collaborations, Dawn Nicole is in process of working on her latest album entitled… “Outside your Inbox.” Which is Due out late this year or early next year. “Outside your Inbox,” precedes her last album entitled “Voltage,” currently being distributed under the “SlamJamz/ SuperNatural Inc imprint,” a Chuck D label . While she is no longer signed with SlamJamz/SuperNatural Inc, several of her songs on “Voltage” struck a deal with “Sony Greece,” such as “All Good” and “It’s On” and are currently in circulation overseas; Dawn Nicole is no stranger to the music business and is extremely excited about her latest and best work yet, “Outside your Inbox.” which is a cross between all of the ’Bounce of Hip-Hop,’ the passion of R&B and the Groove of Neo Soul, is a definite ‘ear-gasmic’ experience. This perfectly sculpted body of work, “Outside your Inbox,” has some serious top- of the line songs, such as… “Remember Me, Isn't it lovely, Custom Fitted” and so much more!

Formerly known as Koffee, Dawn Nicole arrived on the ‘Indie’ scene in Atlanta back in 2006, where she’d put out two indie albums entitled… “To whom it may concern” in 2007 and Miss Georgia in 2008.” Both Albums helped to create the buzz and did relatively well for the Indie Market. She would later follow up in 2009 with “Voltage” and is currently working on “Outside your Inbox” expected out very soon.

Dawn Nicole, Formerly Koffee, can be found on itunes, cdbaby, ilike, Facebook, myspace etc….
She is currently residing in Richmond, VA by way of Atlanta, GA.
Dawn Nicole is currently working with “Rail Street Recordings” on this latest project and is currently in talks for a deal with major labels;

You might be asking yourself… “Why Dawn Nicole?” We challenge you to let her music speak for itself. This brown skin, talented East Coast Beauty comes across with all the poise of a Magazine cover girl, yet all of the charm of the girl next door. Dawn Nicole’s songwriting reels you in to poignant stories of love and life with twisted plots and then her miracle whip smooth-cool voice steals your heart like a thief in the night. Her music tracks, mostly hip-hop/Jazz in nature, seals the deal! She leaves you affected and brings back the essence of real music.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Atlanta Red Part 4: Conversations in Prose of Poetry (I've Seen Something in You)


Many people told me that Part 3 of Conversations in the Prose of Poetry was their favorite vocalized poem.    That's what I do "vocalized poetry".   I am not and never will be a "spoken word artist".   I wasn't meant to be a performer or an entertainer.  I was simply created to touch whomever I should through expression.   Yeah - Maybe one day you'll see or hear about me hanging out with Oprah and Maya, but it won't be for the spotlight, it will be for the fulfillment of purpose.

This is something "different" that I've done.  Instead of releasing a recorded piece, I'm releasing the written-version of a poem (for those of you who actually read.)    Those of you who are more auditory will have the opportunity of "hearing" later.     I want to hear from you "if you're a reader."   I want to know what these words mean to you personally.   How do you interpret the words?  How do they relate?  Do the words have a positive effect upon you?  How? Why?  Do they make sense to you?  Do they disagree with your belief system?  Do they agree with your belief system?  Why? 

The last chapter of "Atlanta Red" ends effectively Dec. 31st, 2010.   This piece will be included on the last CD publication of "Atlanta Red."   I want to know...  what you think and feel after reading it...  Aight?

Be Peace,


I’ve Seen Something In You

I’ve seen something in you.  Nothing can make me believe that what I saw isn’t true.  I saw a light of truth and the light was yours.  And I believe that light still shines, even though it’s hard for me to find in the midst of all the other elements that circle around your atmosphere.  Sometimes, the elements seemed to disappear  and I prayed that they were finally gone, but either I was wrong or the faith I believed I had was gone…  And those things, things that I didn’t understand, appeared again and again until the darkness of their shadows left me blinded on where I should stand.  So, I walked.  I walked and I thought and I thought as I walked and I prayed and I forgave, but the reminder of advents stayed… with me.  And even though I knew that there was victory, I didn’t know the details of how or when – and so I walked away in order to make sure that I wasn’t headed on a path to descend but the ensure that I remained on a path to ascend.   I asked God if there was truth in the external voice that reassured me that I could depend… on the light that I saw shine from within – beneath your skin – beyond the cold voice that traveled in the wind.  He said nothing except to trust Him.  He said nothing except to believe in unity.  He said nothing except to believe.   He said so little to my ears of religion and humanity, but He spoke volumes into my spiritual being.  I admitted to Him that the cold vocal winds had brought with them arrows that penetrated my faithful skin and He reminded me of the true source upon which I should always  depend.   And then – as the wounds bled with a futile flow of loss and the wounds refused to clot and stop me from breathing to death – it seemed as though my heart stopped beating – it seemed as though I stopped believing.  It seemed that all former imaginations defined by my mind’s memory of living were dimmed into an abyss where hope was surrounded with another hope of forgiveness and another weapon of darkness.    That was the day that life taught me an invaluable lesson about faith, love and forgiveness.  It taught me the necessity to let go of everything that had ever meant anything to me in order for me to have everything that God had meant for me… to have in the manifestation of my destiny.   The test of faith – between a place of escape and a place mixed with  a false face of peace and too much flesh and false testimonies…  All of them mixed with the weight of truth and the depth of unforgiving lies – surrounded by lies by liars who surrounded the atmosphere in disguise – principalities of the skies and dark spirits disguised in almost-white garments of grey instead of the bright and pure white light of glory – that few of us ever see.   My words struggled for the ability to help you see that the light inside you had set you free  because as I looked closer, I saw the wounds within you that also resembled the wounds my own weakness of strength had held inside me. I wept.  I wept quietly at night with my back turned to all the deceptions through the lies in the sky and I prayed that once we awake in the morning that we would both be witnesses to victory – but sometimes it is necessary to pray first for our own personal strengths before we pray to help another in their walk towards victory.   I didn’t forget, but instead I refused to submit to the fact that in order to see you through that I needed more strength from my Creator than I had ever witnessed and ever used.  My failure in covering you was my failure in being so faithfully see-through that I trusted the light I saw in you too much and the light inside me too little. Everything I experienced became to the mind like a riddle rather than a parable and I tried to figure out too much with my own wisdom, which was a foolish gesture.    I cried that day, just as I did every other day, but I was crying for the wrong reason.   My cries should have been for my own lack of ability so that I could receive a greater ability to contend with the all the evils and wickedness that attacked me through you.  But I was too focused on you – to see what really needed to be restored and renewed within me.  

"Even peace must fight to end war."  "Love is plentiful.  Give it freely." - re-launches on Jan. 11th, 2011

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seriously! Who is comedian Terry Jones?

At the age of 18, Terry Jones began doing stand-up comedy in Pittsburgh, PA. Fresh out of high school, Jones decided to go on stage at the Pittsburgh Improv after a friend dared him to perform. Realizing he was blessed with the gift of laughter, he decided to pursue his dream as a stand-up comic. Jones has performed at many clubs such as the Pittsburgh and Cleveland Improv, The Funnybone, and has performed at different venues and colleges all around. He has done benefit comedy shows, been featured on Comcast On Demand, and has opened for the likes of Eddie Griffin, Hal Sparks, Jo’Koy, Melonie Malloy, Bert Kreischer, John Witherspoon, Gary Owen and many more. Terry Jones is aspiring to be one of the hottest young comics in America. He has an observational style that is very unique for a young, black comic. With his impersonations, energy, and raw talent, Terry Jones will one day become a household name spoken by everyone.

A Cast member of Pittsburgh TV show Off Da Grill.

First  PHHA(Pittsburgh hip Hop Awards) Comedian of the year.

Who are your favorite comedians?
That's tough, but Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, George Carlin, Franklin Ajaye, Freddy Prinze Sr., Steve Martin, Sam Kenison, Bill Cosby, Dick Gregory, The list goes on. But these are my favs and big influences.

What made you begin to do parodies? Who is some one that you can't wait to do next?
Well I always wanted to do parodies, ever since I was a kid I was reenacting a movie being funny. "In Living Color" is a huge reason, Damon Wayans mainly, I felt he owned that show, every sketch he did was gold. When I was a kid we had a anniversary SNL tape, it had guys like Steve Martin, Bill Murry, Dan Akroyd, John Belushi, Eddie Murphy, and Chevy Chase. That was a huge inspiration when I was younger, then in my preteens to teens it was Mad TV and then Chappelle show.The structure, Idea and effect that sketch comedy has always intrigued me. Ummm, nobody I can't really wait to get to, I just enjoy the random Ideas that pop in my head. I love to show my brain to the world, and hope it touches someone with laughter.

Top 3 Things that get on your nerves. 
1)Hmmmm, Internet social networks is one thing. I feel the Internet is like THE MATRIX, anyone you can't be in the real world you can be online. Its weird, we as a society go out in public to socialize. Yet we stay on a social network while out in public. It's scary, i'm the same online and in person, I have people I know online that talk all kinds of he hah online, but are so silent in person. Online Social networks make narcissistic zombies out of us. We have Internet everywhere, laptops, desktops, cellphones, ipods, videogame systems, its crazy. I hate being out and rather than someone next to me talking to me, they talk too me on twitter, it's like "HELLO SPEAKING FACE TO FACE IS WHAT NORMAL HUMANS DO." And it allows anyone to be a celebrity too, which takes away from actual artist. 'Whorederves' take a half nude picture they're "MODELS", someone does something funny online and never doing stage comedy but they're "Comedians." The list goes on to how annoyed I am by it, if I wasn't a artist, I don't think I would use social media much. I'm Addicted to social sites as much as I hate them, but I am more addicted to knowing my product and my brand is getting to the people. I love to share the gift of laughter to heal people, so I'm always trying to heal. Plus I like people to see all sides of me, the public figure side, the regular guy side, and the struggling artist side. I try to keep honesty and realness in what people see. Sometimes It makes me too exposed haha.

2) The non respect people have for Artists, I hate when people find out I'm a comedian and go, "say something funny." and I try to be nice and not say, "Kill Yourself" **Badum Ching** its annoying. I hate that people don't understand the art form, people laugh and make fun of when a comedian bombs. In reality it takes more courage just to stand there in front of people, then it does to go play in traffic. Jerry Seinfeld  said it best, he had a joke that went, "the number one fear next to death is public speaking, so that means that somewhere there is a guy at a funeral, who would rather be in the coffin than to be the person saying the eulogy." I feel more people need to respect and support artist than to bash them. As they say misery loves company.

3) Lying artists, so many people work hard for their goals and achievements, and you have people lying to make it. In the end they always lose, but it still takes away from the real hard working people.
Give us 2 good reasons to come and see you live!

1) Laughter is the universal medicine of the world

2) Because joining #TEAMTERRY and becoming a Terry Jones fan is the cool thing to do these days. "Come on everyones doing it!"

Can i get a free copy of your standup DVD?  
 sure you can have a a DVD for free, all of you can, just let me know............But it's going to cost you 15 dollars for me to ship it to you, so just keep that part in mind, when you get your free DVD. :-)
HAHAHA no you sure can have one I got ya.

FB: Click Here
Twitter: Click Here

Check out these YouTube links for Terry Jones... 

Bill-Cosby Jello Puddin

Eddie Murphy-Twitter All The Time

Jay-Z Spoof-On To The Restaurant

Monday, December 6, 2010

60 seconds w/ Mazaroddi

Jerrod "Mazaroddi" Blackmon
CEO of Mazaroddi Music

60 seconds w/ Mazaroddi

What did you want to be when you were a child?

Well  I'm kinda steady with a pen & pencil... Even though I haven't drawn in a while, my 1st dream was 2 be an Architect ..

Favorite Album? Why?

This might sound kinda strange due 2 the fact I create Hip-Hop tracks.. but I would have 2 say.. "Slave" The Hardness of the World ..jointz like R&B hits  "Just a Touch of Love" .. "Watching You" .."Slide"  was my joint 2. Reason being  the funky sound .. heavy basslines, eerie strings & horns... that combo is how i try to create my tracks 2day.

How do you feel about the present state of hip hop? How do you hope to influence through your music?

As you can see I'm a old G I came through the ranks listening to Kool G Rap & DJ Polo.. EPMD Old Super Lover Cee and Casanova Rudd.. the likes of Roxanne Shante.. Hip Hop back then seemed to have a certain flair and a certain vitality that is lacking today.I have been focused on artists who are heading in a positive direction.. such as Hip Hop artist Quintescence. Poets such as yourself (Paradyme) seem to always have a deep message in your poetry.. this is all connected to hip-hop.. real hip-hop.. I would love to bring love back to hip-hop and eliminate the violence & hatred for our sisters.. and send a message to our youth that you can be all that you want to be...

Proudest Moment?

Winning the "USI" (Upstate New York Independent)award for producer of year '09 not for just Upstate,New York. but the Tri-State area as well...

If you could ask one question to anyone that is no longer with us what who it be and to whom?

Probably would be my lil brother I lost 2 violence in "86" I would asked him ... to add a hot sample to a track I just laid like he used to do.. R.I.P. DJ "RUSH"

The Number Poem by Poetri

Check out Poetri's "The Number Poem" for more on Poetri go to

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Check out our Visual Artist of the Month -Grace Bio

Check out Grace Bio

Freedom's INK Visual Artist of the Month! 

Click here to go to the VATM page!

Groove Assassin Feat Tantra Zawaldi "Love Seeker"

Gotta Keep Faith Records welcome one of the UK's most in demand DJ/Producers to the stable, Groove Assassin, with a sublime new monstrous single featuring Tantra Zawadi who delivers a mean spoken word.

The release sports numerous tasty remixes spanning from deep & delightful flavours to the low-down, deep and dirty! On remix duty you'll find GFK's own duo Spiritual Blessings and regular GFK artist Steve Paradise, Swiss Electroacoustic genius Georg Neufeld, Ireland's Marq Walsh aka QuestionmarQ, Greece's Ku-Ninjas and G Spice & DJ Dimkal.

Nick Moss aka Groove Assassin has been in the DJ & Producing game 20 years. Hailing from Sheffield the North of England , Nick was raised on a diet of Funk, Jazz Funk, Latin, Soul and Disco. Now one of the UK & Europe's most respected house music Dj's and Producers, Nick's original productions and remix work have appeared on such stellar imprints as, Defected, MN2S, Hed Kandi, NRK, Soul Heaven, Jellybean Soul, King Street and many more and boasts several Traxsource No.1 singles. Nick's tracks definitely fall into the soulful deep house category – think disco and boogie inflected sounds emphasizing rhythm, percussion, warm smooth vocals and jazzy instrumentals. He's a versatile producer who delivers anything from peak time bangers to smoother soulful grooves and beyond. As a DJ Nick is regularly performing at the World's top clubs from USA to Canada to Australia to Asia and the whole of Europe. These include NY"s Cielo, Ibiza's top spots including Pacha, Space, Amnesia, Summum, Es Paradis, EL Divino, CafĂ© Mambo, Savannah's, Blue Marlin and Cafe Del Mar (where he was a resident in 1992). Groove Assassin DJ Dates for the end of 2010 include an Asia Tour / South American Tour / East West Coast USA Tour / South Africa / Italy / Spain / Morocco / Marbella as well as a handful of other European gigs. Nick's future and present studio projects include an album project for MN2S, an album project for King Street / NIte Grooves. There are still many more hot projects and countless remixes forthcoming too as Nick will be working with talents such as Kenny Bobien, Stephanie Cooke, Robert Owens, Mina Jackson, Dj Spen, Jason Walker, Pete Simpson & Johnny Dangerous and many more well recognised artists on the house music scene.

Tantra Zawadi is a poet and master of the spoken word, healing out of New York City. Her talents have graced many poetry compilations and contemporary dance records including Collective Spirits 'Love Planet EP' produced by Jonny Montana and Neil Maclean (Camio Recordings), 'Summerbreeze EP' Dolls Combers (Sophisticado) and Nastee Nev ft. Dana Byrd & Tantra Zawadi 'Secrets Of Life' (Do It Now Recordings) among others.


1. GA Main Mix (Produced, edited and mixed by Nick Moss 4 Groove Assassin Music)
2. GA Instrumental Mix - (Produced, edited and mixed by Nick Moss 4 Groove Assassin Music)
3. Spiritual Blessings Sicka Dub Mix – (Additional Remix & Productions by Spiritual Blessings)
4. Spiritual Blessings Deepa Seeker Mix - (Additional Remix & Productions by Spiritual Blessings)
5. Georg Neufeld Deep Mix- (Additional Remix & Productions by Georg Neufeld)
6. QuestionmarQ Salt Mix - (Additional Remix & Productions by Marq Walsh)
7. KuNingas Vocal Remix - (All Keys & Instruments by Phase D. Mix. Produced & arranged by Kuningas)
8. KuNingas Instrumental Remix - (All Keys & Instruments by Phase D. Mix. Produced & arranged by Kuningas)
9. Steve Paradise Deep Underground Remix – (Additional Remix & Productions by Steve Paradise)
10. Spice & Dj Dimkal Remix – (Additional Remix & Productions by G-Spice & DJ Dimkal)
11. QuestionmarQ's Hypnagogic Remix - (Additional Remix & Productions by Marq Walsh)
Produced & Arranged by Nick Moss 4 Groove Assassin MusicRecorded @ Mo'Den 2009Vocals by Tantra ZawadiAll tracks mastered@ Spiritual Blessings Studio (Italy)
©&(P) Gotta Keep Faith Records – 2010 (ASCAP)

For Licensing or any other inquiries, please contact our Office:
Graphic Cover Art Design by : Sanchezlife

Introducing Ashlee Bankz



Ashlee Bankz is a 16 year old rap phenmon hailing from the windy city. This Chicago native has gained the attention of many Chicagoans, being one of the hottest young upcoming talents to emerge on the hip hop scene. Due to her consistent hard work and unmatched passion to become a popular icon to many, her recognition for her dynamic talent is growing rapidly.She is one of the very few female emcees that could hold her own with the fellas, and she is also controlling the local scene when it comes to the emcees in here age bracket. 

Born Ashlee' McCulley, Ashlee Bankz grew up being influenced by music of all sorts. Some of her musical idols include Missy Elliott, TLC, Aaliyah, Lil Wayne, Monica,Tupac,Biggie,Eminem, Shawnna (who is also a close friend of the family) Michael Jackson, just to name a few. Ashlee grew up surrounded by music and art, having a mother who is a published author, poet, and singer. Ashlee had no control over an undying urge to pursue music as well. Excelling in activities such as basketball and maintaining great academics in school, it is no shock that this young spirit could also excel at one of her first loves, which is creating music. 

 Now at 16 years of age Ashlee Bankz is rocking many shows locally and accumulating a solid following, being recognized as one of the top young female emcee's/artists from her city. This young lady is not only a rapper, but also a singer and a producer in the making. She respectfully insists on being called an "artist" rather than just a "rapper". What makes her even more of a dynamic artist is her presence off the mic. Ashlee Bankz is full of character and personality, she's a very high spirited and welcoming young lady who believes showing everyone love.Some of her goals is to complete high school, become a household name, start her own music label and multiple organizations that give back to the community. Ashlee Bankz is a rising star who is definitely going to do some big things!  Look out for this young lady, Ashlee Bankz.

Bankz is also a part of an up and coming Music Power house called Tha IntaVention. Tha IntaVention is based off of 3 managers that manage 20 different artist. Bankz being the youngest and only female rapper on the squad. She is truly blessed.

 Ashlee's newest mix tape has been released and was hosted by none other than Teefa from 92.3 radio station. A power house in Chicago for music. She received 2000 downloads in one day for her mix tape and has been featured on many different artist here in Chicago's projects. Feel free to Google Ms. Bankz, she is definitely not playing any games and will make it to the top. Remember she is only 16, imagine when she is 18....where will she be in music by then.

**If you are into Hip Hop check this young lady out. I promise you won't be disappointed. We constantly make a lot of noise about the lack of a positive presence of females in Rap but I don't see enough about those who are giving us exactly what we are looking for. Keep an eye on her. Give it up for our youth that are following their dreams! -Paradyme**

Twitter: AshleeBankz

For contact

Lyrical Eyes
twitter @lyricaleyes
Tha IntaVention
Chicago Based