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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bobby Tillman, 18yrs old. Have we had enough yet?

Bobby Maurice Tillman Killed 11-07-09

Bobby Maurice Tillman, 18 yrs old, is only the latest in the unneccesary epidemic of death and violence amoung our youth. Bobby was randomly targeted while walking passed a house party in Atlanta, GA. The four boys ( I refuse to call them men) that jumped him did so as a act of retaliation for a confrontation with a female toward one of the group who said he couldnt hit her back because she was a female..

I wonder how many people were witnesses but stood by and did nothing. What made the other three follow the directions of the leader? They had no conscience that this was wrong? We are a nation of bystanders. There is no way that this should of been allowed to happen. No one wants to get involved and it is killing innocent people every day. It's funny how we have so many men walking around claiming that they are 'hard', that they are gansters and thugs. However, they wouldn't do anything to help someone in these circumstances. As a matter of fact, they are the 'followers' that do whatever they have to do to keep their reputation in the eyes of other men, and participating in these senseless losses of life that are plaguing our community.

I will be telling the stories of these children and anymore that arise on Freedom's INK! At what point do we as parent's teach our children to protect others. To not stand by and let someone physically hurt another person. Is it too late to start raising hero's and not bystanders?


  1. I would love to get everyones comments on this subject. Feel free to leave them here.



  3. In Loving Memory of Bobby Tillman (Douglasville, GA)

    Message In Poem: I have never met this young man nor his family, but I felt compelled to write something because this made no sense! TO ALL MY YOUNG PEOPLE, NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE ON THIS EARTH, PLEASE HEED THIS POEM...

    Going out with friends
    Never did he think his life would end

    At the hands of 4 other young men
    What were they thinking within?

    How can you just stomp another down on the ground
    I’m sure with smiles on your faces and not frowns

    What gives you the right to take the life of another!?
    My heartfelt love and prayers go out to his mother

    My young brotha’s do you truly understand
    You’ve also ruined your lives by taking the life of this young man

    I can’t fathom what was going through your minds
    As you stomped Bobby Tillman time after time

    This is craziness, will it ever cease?
    It just seems to be an uncontrollable beast!

    Young people thinking taking a life is fun
    Be it using your hands, feet, knife or gun

    Do you realize this is genocide
    And its happening world wide

    Why can’t our youth enjoy a happy life?
    So many things are wrong, what will it take to make it right!?

    I get more furious and angry every time I hear
    Another youth has died, senselessly, as I drop a tear

    People have rallied the streets so many times
    Looking for solutions to these senseless crimes

    Our voices have been heard over and over again
    Yet we have no knowledge if things like this will ever end

    People raise their children in most instances the best they can
    Hoping and praying they’ll become a productive woman or man

    But then a mother gets a call her child is dead
    I fold my hands and bow my head

    How many parents are going to have to continue to bury their children these days!!!?
    Things are so clouded, people walking around dazed

    Where is the regard for human life!?
    This is agony & strife

    It doesn’t matter what city in which you reside
    Somehow there is a massive wipeout happening like an oceans tide

    I’ve said this before, our youth are killing off generations
    And they do it with little hesitation

    So my young people, I’m reaching out my hand and ears to you again
    If you have no one to talk to, I’ll be your friend

    I want to see you succeed in life, go on to do great things
    I know you have it in you, to become exceptional human beings

    And I know you deal with peer pressure from every angle
    But you must believe that you have a guardian angel

    Who is watching over you trying to guide your footsteps in the right direction
    To stop you from doing these horrible things that are such a negative reflection

    It makes no sense that this young man was a target because he was walking down the street
    So these other 4 young men decided he’d be the one they’d beat

    How crazy & unruly does this sound
    Now Bobby Tillman is heaven bound

    All because of a decision that was made on Saturday, November 6, 2010
    It caused his life to come to an end

    I don’t understand and maybe I never will
    As to why this young man was killed

    To Ms. Rivarde, mother I’m sorry for your loss
    You, my mother & so many others feel the cost

    Of having had lost a child to the hands of another
    The life that you brought in this world that can’t be recovered

    But I encourage you to keep believing in GOD and continue to have Faith
    He will guide your footsteps and your heart to a comforting place

    Please know that Bobby now rests with our Father above
    And will forever be your guardian angel with an abundance of Love

    Peace, Blessings & Much Love!

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  4. Poetic Flow Thank you so much. This is amazing. I am honored that you posted it.