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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Get to know R.Y.A.N. Easter

 Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio R.Y.A.N. Easter is an amazingly talented star on the rise. With "2Seater" dropping very soon he is definitly causing a buzz. One of my favorite tracks? "Lisa Bonet: I Love You." Make sure you check that out on his page (link at the bottom.) 

 Freedom's INK sat down and asked him a few questions to give our readers some insights on this multi-talented, down to earth artist that you should get to know. 

FI-Where did you your love of music come from? Who close to you has inspired you to become a performer? 

R.Y.A.N.-I really never was all into music growing up. My mom played Stevie Wonder a lot but really when the radio was on I wasnt paying much attention. I never wanted to perform or be a artist. I've always wanted to sit behind a desk and be in the governing body. Maybe every now and then I would make music/produce a track but i prefer to be WAAYYYYY behind the scenes lololol

FI-How long have you been in the entertainment industry? What have you done?

R.Y.A.N-Ive been doing music for about 9 years. I started out producing for others then i learned engineering and as all that took place I began to heighten my mic skills a bit! Ive produced for a ton of indie artist nationally, really too many to name and have had a track or two stolen from me by national artist but really thats water under the bridge at this point. Im just happy that label(The DrawingBoard Exp) is having success at the moment!

FI-Who currently inspires you creatively? Have you met any of them personally? 

R.Y.A.N.-My creativity is inspired by Sade, J Dilla, Prince, Snoop, The RZA, Pete Rock,  Royksopp, The great composer Louis Teicher from Teicher and Ferrante (his grandson plays violin for our label) and Hall & Oates! LOVE THEM ALL. Of that list I have met RZA personally numerous times.

Aritsts from the past who you look up to? 

R.Y.A.N.-Artists that i look up to (solely for music) Ghostface, Common, Prince and Goapele!

What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in the future? 

R.Y.A.N.-My goal is simple: I want to eat well and sleep comfortably, legally! lol Funny but true!

Where can you find more about R.Y.A.N? 
Check here 

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  1. I've had the distinct pleasure of indulging in Ryan's single, Lisa Bonet!

    The song is a painted picture of love, sex appeal, eroticism and admiration that a man has for not only a womans body but more importantly her mind.

    Check out this talented artist. You wont be disappointed!

    Lana Gee