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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Skyzoo (@therealskyzoo) gives Kanye/Jay Z track what it needed- Bars!

Check out this free download from Skyzoo (@therealskyzoo)  and DJBooth. Not a fan of the Kanye West/Jay Z version but Skyzoo gave this something real nice. Paradyme @TheSpotParadyme

Free Download Rapsody ( @rapsodymusic) "I Do Belong" Prod. by @9th Wonder (9thwondermuisc)

Cop and of the tracks that didn't make it onto Thank H.E.R. Now... Caught this on One of my favorite sites to check out what is hot right now in Hip Hop. Click here for Thank H.E.R. Now...

Andy Mineo (@andymineo) Formerly know as C-Lite

If your familiar with Andy he once went by the name C-Lite featuring on Lecrae's "Background" and on other tracks with various artist. He has some great new for you all so click the video below and enjoy  as he explains his future plans and why he burried the name C-Lite. DaCloak (@DaCloakAKATha1)


I'm going to say this as clearly as I can. If you don't know N.E.P.H.E.W YOU SHOULD. Let me post a few examples of why you WANT to get to know him.

Need I say more? Get to know N.E.P.H.E.W (@NephewFromTheGo).- DaCloak (@DaCloakAKATha1)

Kevin Downswell - Change is Coming (Official Video)

Draedarockstar (@draedarockstar)

Friday, July 29, 2011


New diss record from Consequence titled "Everybody Told Me 2" addressing G.O.O.D. Music. DaCloak (@DaCloakAKATha1)

Consequence - "Job Song"

This ones one of my favorite joints from Consequence from 2009 titled "Job Song". This joint is timeless man.Shout to Consequence and Three21Media for the dope visual to this as well. DaCloak (@DaCloakAKATha1)

Pheave "Ask Around" Official Music Video Directed By #1 Stunna Reese

Check out my bro Pheave's video for his single "Ask Around". Very dope party song and very chill video. If you dig this track hit up Power 92 request it a.s.a.p. 773-375-9248. Shout out to Pheave and Director #1 Stunna Reese. DaCloak (@DaCloakAKATha1)

MarVo (@MARVO11) "B.I.G. IS BACK"


My Chicago bretheren M to the a. r. Vo is back on his freestyle game putting out his own version of "Tupac's Back" but instead paying his respect to Brooklyn N.Y.'s own B.I.G. MarVo's not slacking at all rappers. Step your bars up. DaCloak (@DaCloakAKATha1)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


What can I say about this brother that hasn't already been said by many of my fellow artist and himself except CONGRADULATIONS FOR MAKING IT TO #1 ON THE ITUNES HIP HOP/RAP 


If you dig real music and hip hop your going to dig this project from Consequence (@itsthecons) formerly of G.O.O.D. Music titled "Movies On Demand 2" hosted by DJ Ill Will (@deejayillwill) & DJ Rockstar (@realdjrockstar) Pres. by XXL (@xxlstaff). I thoroughly enjoyed hearing something new from Consequence that's not only fly but refreshing. DaCloak (@DaCloakAKATha1)

Dunamis Reignz - Gangsta Life (Official Video)

Break out single for Artiste Dunamis Reignz

Follow his progress on

 Draedarockstar (@draedarockstar)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Nuwamba is a singer/songwriter/producer from Ft. Worth, TX. His debut CD "Above The Water" received lots of props, deservedly so.  His music reminds you of Maxwell and Marvin Gaye with a twist. Acoustic Soul. His  music is a mix of gospel, hip-hop, jazz, blues and classic soul.  He was born Demetress "Dede" Cook. Nuwamba means "NOVEMBER" in the Nigerian language Hausa. He likes Smokey Robinson, Bobby "Blue" Bland, and Frankie Beverly. In 2003, The Fort Worth Weekly, named him the best hip-hop and R&B artist of the year. His music is played a lot on SiriusXM radio and on stations across America, England and Japan. He told The Fort Worth Weekly that he wants to be the  male Erykah Badu.  ♫ Kandee MusicLvr ♫ 

Sean Lypher - Make one (Official Video)

Debut Video from Sean Lypher

Follow his progress on and

Draedarockstar (@draedarockstar)

Tedashii "Black Light" On Itunes

Paradyme (@TheSpotParadyme) & DaCloak (@DaCloakAKATha1)

Wretch 32 ft Josh Kumra - Don't Go (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

This is the brand new single from Wretch 32, 'Don't Go', featuring vocals from Josh Kumra. New album "Black and White" drops August 21st.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Omari - Jehova Guide Me (Official Video)

Official single from the debut album of reggae gospel artiste Omari. Album title: Heal Jamaica Heal the World,  Follow his progress on Twitter and Facebook.- Andrae Palmer

THROWBACK Prodigal Son - Bongo Town

This is a throw back reggae gospel tune by Prodigal Son really touching song. -Andrae Palmer


@TheSpotParadyme &@DaCloakAKATha1

Vthov - Hip Hop and Violence

Free download of these and more songs at:

Warning, some graphic violence... A musical comment on hip hop and violence via a positive Hip Hop Suite by Vthov ft the Beatles and social commentary by Dr. Cornel West

Free Download Vespertine "Chikirin"

Very intriguing mix of Spoken Word and Hip Hop. Vespertine (Durham, NC) gives you something different here that definitly deserves an ear.


New track taken from Lowkey's new album" Soundtrack To TheStruggle."
Follow his progress on

Monday, July 25, 2011


Check out N.Y.'s own Goodz Da Animal (@TheRealGoodz) spitting a free style in the lab to Jay- Z's "Some How Some Way". Speaking from his heart Goodz gives you a brief look into his life, why he take his rhymes so seriously, his relatioship with the streets, and shows the love for his family. Take away from the profanity and raw language and see the brother's heart. Life isn't always pretty but we can do our part in making the absolute best of it. May God bless you in your future endevors bro. DaCloak Twitter: @DaCloakAKATha1 Facebook: DaCloak

Stefan the Scientist "Don't Throw It All Away" feat. Tesia Onae

Check out Stefan the Scientist " Don't Throw It All Away" feat. Tesia Onae (@greendubrecords). Shout out to Rapzilla (@rapzilla) for shining light on it  first. Peace and blessings. DaCloak Twitter: @DaCloakAKATha1 Facebook: DaCloak

Json - Parent Me - feat. J.R.

Check out J. Son (@json116) putting it down for the kids asking ALL parents to quit being so 1 dimemsional in their parenting and be a parent in all aspects of their kids lives. Quit just teaching the young men to be tough but also teach them to respect, love, and honor not just their parents but everyone. Asking you to quit being so caught in you jobs, material posessions, and appearances to love/guide them through the challeges of life. Shout out to Rapzilla (@rapzilla) for shining light on it first.- DaCloak Twitter: @DaCloakAKATha1 Facebook: DaCloak

Actual Proof - Get It Done (Prod. By: 9Th Wonder)

New Actual Proof produced by 9th Wonder. New project dropping soon "Still Hotter Than July". -Paradyme

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Willie Moore Jr. - Find Rest

Check out Willie Moore Jr.'s single and video "Find Rest" from his album "The Turning Point". I'm feeling this joint man so I know the albums crazy. We all have challenges that we face daily, but I've come to learn that when you need rest the LORD will give you rest so check this joint out and enjoy. Peace and blessings to and Willie Moore Jr.(@pwillie1).

Written by DaCloak
Twitter: @DaCloakAKATha1
Facebook: DaCloak

Saturday, July 23, 2011


New video from veteran artist Syleena Johnson. Her new cd "Chapter V: Underrated" is due out soon. What do you think? In an industry full of cookie cutter diva's does Syleena Johnson deserve more recognition for her career than she has received? Tell us what you think -Paradyme

New Free Download Soul Khan "Soulstice III"

New drop from Soul Khan. Get that free download and Enjoy!!! Peace and Love-Paradyme

Mac Miller - Best Day Ever

Shout out to Mac for this joint man. Feel good music right heeeerrrrrreeeee maaaaane. @DaCloakAKATha1

UpRite Lions "Simple As 1-2-3" Official Video.

UpRite Lions are taking the music industry by storm and rightfully so. They are one of the hardest working groups in music. From North Carolina, UpRite Lions have a sound that is all theirs and definetly not the cookie cutter formula that has most music lovers banging their head against a wall these days. Check out their new video. Peace and Love!-Paradyme

Breeze "ILifeThis" Tha Poet new album "Serenity's Song" Available Now.

Often known as The “Preacher of Poetry” for his powerful voice and no non-sense style of performance, Breeze “ILifeThis” The Poet electrifies stages around the country. Born in Richmond Virginia, he was unsettled with the direction hip hop, his first love, was taking. So he took his own. Destination set to the hearts, minds, and spirits of any and everyone who can hear him. Focused on enlightening, encouraging, and informing, Breeze lives in his own little fantasy world where everything is the way it should be, but he is constantly haunted with the fact that this is not reality. So he uses his voice and his heart to set the world right at every open mic, poetry event, slam, school function and any other avenue he can find. His body of work includes 3 cds, his debut Truly Yours, his second Still Waters, and his latest work I Life This are all stated to be available for internet purchase before the end of the year. He has performed on stages with name like Lamar Hill, Talaam Acey, Cuban, God Child the Omen, Megan Rickman, John “Survivor” Blake, Archie the Messenger,Def Jam Poet Jus Cus, Sabrina Gilbert, and the list goes on. He has performed in venues throughout the east coast including Washington DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, and New York. His biggest accomplishment beyond all others, is reaching the people. He still blushes when someone says he touched them with his words. He is commended for his humbleness, passion, drive, and the excessive amount of faith he has in his craft. His philosophy is that he is not special, this gift was given to him by his Father, and the people he aims to reach are the poetry in which he recites, and he was just sent to show them how beautiful they might not have noticed they are. -From

Freedom's Ink Remembers Amy Winehouse 9.14.83-7.23.11

Today Amy Winehouse (born in Southgate, London, England) was found dead in her Camden, London home. Even though I think we all felt that this was the road that she was traveling down it is still heartbreaking to me. Her eclectic sound and vivacious personality gave a gritty realness to her own special brand of soul. This is a tribute to her at her best and I would rather not indulge in talking about her downward spiral of addiction and mental health issues.  Whether you love her or hate her, Amy Winehouse gave us some pure uncut music that will stand the test of time.

She released two albums the critically acclaimed "Frank" and the international success "Back in Black." From there collected numerous awards including 1 BRIT Awards, 2 Echo Awards, 1 Elle Style Award, and 5 Grammys.  -Paradyme

JJ SOULX - RELEASE (Official Video)

This is my first time I have had the pleasure of hearing JJ Soulx and I am blown away. I love this song. I will bring you more from her as I learn more. -Paradyme

Friday, July 22, 2011

Eshon Burgundy "Close Your Eyes" feat. Mrenc

PRo - Get It

This track is straight fire and is definitely a banger with a REAL message. Get It is PRo's single from his upcoming album Dying To Live. Peace and blessings to PRo and Reach Records. DaCloak

@mynameispro @reachrecords

Don't Waste Your Life Video - Lecrae

@Lecrae @Reachrecords

Jersey Demic - Gotta Hurt ft Kanye West (Unemployment rate in the USA)

New video from Jersey Demic feat. Kanye West "Gotta Hurt." His take on the unemployment rate in the USA specifically in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas.

K.B.- I Am A Man (Night of Joy)

Check out Reach Records new artist K.B. performing his track "I Am A Man" LIVE. Keep spitting that real K.B.- DaCloak

How To Make an Artist or Band Onesheet Kevin from CD Baby explains how to make an effective band/artist one-sheet. Whether you want to contact club bookers, talent buyers, promoters, agents, labels, DJs, bloggers, or journalists, a one-sheet provides them with a quick glimpse into your story, your music, and your achievements.
Download the example one-sheet Kevin displays in the video here -

The one-sheet was designed by Ryan Wines of Petmarmoset PR. Send him your love here -

Thursday, July 21, 2011

THROWBACK VIDEO - Neneh Cherry "Buffalo Stance", "Under My Skin" and "Woman"

Recently came across Nenah Cherry's video and it was a blast from the past. I have always loved her style.  She is a Swedish singer-songwriter and rapper of mixed Black African-European descent. Raised by jazz musician Don Cherry she was in several bands before her single "Buffallo Stance" became an international hit. She was nominated for a Grammy in 1990 in the Best New Artist Category, but dammit that Milli Vanilli came in a swooped it up. However, it wasn't long before it came out that neither Rob or Fab could sing a note to save their lives. She went on to win other awards for her album Raw like Sushi and her single 7 Seconds. -Paradyme

Pop Evil - Monster You Made (Official Video)

New video from Pop Evil "Monster You Made"(Koch Records)

S.O."So It Begins"

                                                                  So It Begins by S.O.

I came across the album "So It Begins" on and after listening over 10 consecutive times (lol) I must say I am THOROUGHLY impressed by U.K.'s own S.O.. I couldn't believe that this joint was going for free. Even the intro track "So It Begins" is well above the norm. I have absolutely NO favorites on this album. Every track is put together flawlessly. All glory be to God and shout out to you brother S.O. Keep making great music.- DaCloak

Koncept & Tranzformer "Day Dreaming" (Official Video)

Download Free EP here:
Koncept & Tranzformer "More Than Meets The Eye"


For bookings/ inquiries contact:


New Free Download from Add-2 "Iron Mike" Produced by Sundown of Actual Proof.

New music from Add-2 produced by my Sundown of Actual Proof. Pick up their new project “Still Hotter Than July” which is set to drop 7.26.11. Click here for Add-2's Blog and lyrics to this track.  -Paradyme

New Free Download from Apollo Brown & Hassaan Mackey "Volume" and album "Daily Bread" In Stores Now!!

Ascending production star Apollo Brown started making waves in 2009 after winning the Detroit Red Bull Big Tune Championship.  The next year he signed toMello Music Group and released a series of critically acclaimed albums: The Reset, Brown Study (selected by iTunes as one of
the Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums of 2010), Gas Mask (with his group The Left, which made DJ Premier's Top 25 list in 2010), and most recently the instrumental opusClouds.  It's been a busy couple years.   Add into the mix Hassaan Mackey of Rochester, New York, and the new group Daily Bread was formed. 

The two had worked on individual tracks before, "Odds Ain't Fair" from The Reset, and "How We Live" from Gas Mask.  Both songs became top sellers off their respective albums, giving the two an indication of their chemistry.  Hassaan has one of the best voices in Hip-Hop today: deep, gravelly, low-key, and swirling with emotion.  While Apollo has cornered the market on grimy Detroit production along with the likes of Black Milk, Mr. Porter, and a few select others.

When asked about the lead single "Volume" Hassaan said:“yo man, that was the first beat Apollo played when I walked in his crib in Detroit…  this was the first song I wrote to when I got there, and we knew it was the lead joint.  It was dumb early in the morning, I had just gotten off the train from New York. Apollo had picked me up and I started writing it at Apollo's crib and finished it in the studio that night, recorded it, and it was in the pocket.  We knew that was the opener!” 
Daily Bread will undoubtedly be compared to previous Apollo Brown releases but this one, to put it the way Hassaan says, comes "back with that grit".  The album seems to be ready made for fans of D.I.T.C.Gang StarrBlack Moon, and M.O.P., while maintaining it's own artistic integrity.  It is an album of really very rugged and raw rhymes developed and written at a time when Hassaan was going through a lot of personal issues,
dealing with loss, hardship, and  basic survival, so the lyrics come across as emotive but not in any way weak - just raw.   The beats are straight forward gritty dripping with soul, and bang out the speakers with the best of 'em.  Interspersed throughout the album are clips from 70's blaxploitation films that lend a feel as though the album is from a different era entirely, like it was first made on vinyl 20 years ago, and delivered to us fresh in an era of glitchy, computerized, auto-tuned music that often lacks the punch that Daily Bread delivers.- Courtesy Mello Music Group 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Atmosphere - The Last To Say (HD Version)

New video from Atmosphere. Buy The Family Sign now from iTunes:, Amazon:, Fifth Element:,

Free Download Tech-Life "Due West" (Has-Lo Remix)

New track from California's Tech-Life available as a free download. Make sure you check out his new album "Wouldn't Change Nothing". It's dope and this track is only a sample of what you get.  Shout out to Mello Music Group! Love what you are doing over there!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


When you hear the words "EARTH, WIND AND FIRE" it stirs your soul! It makes you feel good! It makes you want to sing-along . . . even if you can't sing! It brings back memories of some of the best concerts you have ever seen. If you never got a chance to see them back in the day (70s and 80s) you truly missed a REAL concert! Maurice White formed Earth, Wind and Fire in 1969 in Chicago, IL. Initially, they were called the "Salty Peppers. He recruited his younger brother Verdine White on bass to join EWF. Maurice White was born in Dec. 19, 1941 in Memphis, TN.  At age 6, he began singing in his church's gospel choir and he fell in love with the drums. Earth, Wind & Fire have won 7 Grammy Awards, 4 American Music Awards,  and numerous other awards. Philip Bailey joined the group in 1972. He does vocals, conga and percussion. Everyone knows Philip Bailey sings falsetto on such hits as Reasons, Devotion, and Keep Your Head to the Sky. Bailey is currently the on-stage leader of Earth, Wind & Fire, along with bassist, Verdine White, vocalist/percussionist, Ralph Johnson and vocalist/percussionist, B. David Whitworth. For the past 10 years or so, in live duet performances, Bailey will sing his falsetto part, then switch smoothly to the vocal part which was originally sung by Maurice White, showing off his vocal prowess and versatility. Some of their best hits are: Can't Hide Love, Spirit, Mighty Mighty, Shining Star, That's The Way of the World, Sun Goddess, Get Away, Fantasy, and Serpentine Fire. Earth, Wind & Fire are currently on their 40th Anniversary Tour around the country. If you haven't seen them in concert . . . it is a must-see concert!  ♫ Kandee MusicLvr ♫


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Marvo w/ Femme Fatale Mixshow

Check out my homey (no like really) MarVo. on the Femme Fatale Mixshow speaking on his future plans, who he's working with while vising N.Y.C, and smash single with fellow chicagoian Yung Berg titled "Derrick Rose" - DaCloak

New video from N'dambi "Ooo Baby" off her Pink Elephant album.

Here's a video for the track "Ooo Baby" from N'Dambi. "Ooo Baby" appears on the album PINK ELEPHANT

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aja Monet - The Black Unicorn Sings (Directed by Cam Be)

Aja Monet - The Black Unicorn Sings from TheArtTrade on Vimeo.

TheArtTrade explores a new series called "The ArtWorks Collection" focusing on a particular piece of work produced by a particular artist. In this "Episode 1" we look at New York native poet Aja Monet and her poetry book titled "The Black Unicorn Sings."
Note from Director - Cam Be (Freedom's Ink May Visual Artist of the Month):
While she was residing in Chicago Aja took me for a walk through the Hyde Park neighborhood where she was living. We found time to stop at a famed Chicago bookstore O'Gara & Wilson Ltd, which was featured in a scene of the 1997 film 'Love Jones'. While there Aja read excerpts from both her book 'The Black Unicorn Sings' and her personal journal. In this piece I wanted to show the different sides of her personality as both a strong, gifted, intellectual woman and her fun loving kind mannered sense of humor. She is one of the definitive poets of our generation, it was a pleasure capturing her gift.

- Cam Be

Produced By:
Jennifer Linsday Sullivan
Cam Be
Aja Monet

Shot & Edited By:
Cam Be

A Camovement

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson & Carlos Nino - Suite for Ma Dukes