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Thursday, July 26, 2012

40Love - Tiki Tiki feat. Zumbi of Zion I

40Love - Tiki Tiki feat. Zumbi of Zion I
Produced by Mikos
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Denton

Monday, July 23, 2012

PHONTE ft. MEDIAN - Eternally (Official Music Video)

Phonte ft. Median
Produced by 9th Wonder
Directed by Kenneth Price

Charity Starts At Home
+FE Music 2011-2012

The Black Opera: "THE MAGICIAN" ft Vaughn G & Jade Lathan (VIDEO DEMONST...


Is Perception KING or QUEEN? Or, a blurred line in between? That line can sometimes best be defined as "MAGIC". The art of magic is displayed by slight of hand, and by natural forces being influenced by mysterious powers. In this video demonstration for "The Magician" the mystery remains, but the veil is slightly lowered.
The Opera is still Black, but this track brings new hints of sound in color. "The Magician" is a modern day vintage style mini-movie with a realistic portrayal of what happens when "too much, too soon" and "too little, too late" collide on the same track in a relationship. Join The Black Opera for this black tie affair and SPREAD THE WARNING.

THE BLACK OP: ERA. "The Magician"
Production Composed by: Astronote.
Directed by: Andy Madeleine.
Label: Mello Music Group.
MGMT: A-Side Worldwide.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stalley - "Midnight Satori" (Directed by Slick Jackson)

Buy Self Made 2 in stores and available on iTunes now!

Check out the video from Stalley's Songs By Me EP project, directed by Slick Jackson. Savage Journey to the American Dream is available now at and Follow @Stalley and @Bluecollargang.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dear Debra-A Letter to BET - Jasiri X ((Free Download))

Seems that this was recorded in '09. Not sure why it is circulating is such a huge way right now, but it carries a message and it's a dope track.

Download for free here at Jasiri X's bandcamp page.

Verse 1
Dear Debra,
You're giving me the blues mo betta
said that I can flow forever but I ain't got no chedda
and we can't got together cause I'm too controversial
plus you said ya time is money like a commercial
but my music's universal
I didn't mean to hurt you
but that's what truth does
I did it with true love
see I gave you my heart and you said it was irrelevant
you said that I was smart but that I was too intelligent
I offered you my soul from the start but like the devil did
you said it would rank on ya chart unless I selling it
you said that your just playin ya part that of the ghetto chick
cause that's what people what you to be
that sounds like frontin to me
see to me you're more than something to see
baby you and me could set this whole country free
my queen you stepped out of a dream on to the screen
like a vision you was the only one I've ever seen

Verse 2
you had religion you was quick to tell em you was christian
but now you hang with gangstas so much you've been imprisoned
but you convinced yourself that that's how we living
but life is so much more than champagne sippin
listen what this isn't is a black male's hate
give me one chance I promise it won't be a hell's date
we can go to college hill or 106 and park
make love from the sun up till when it get's dark
I'll sooth you no matter what level the stress
you are a righteous black queen not a hot ghetto mess
and yes I believe that you'll switch one day
but now you're so exposed that I wanna rip the runway
and I know they say that you should shake what ya mama gave you
but you are a reflection of how ya mama raised you
and you get what you give so don't let karma enslave you
I'm willin to campaign like Obama to change you
for real

Verse 3
I'm so serious I'm so sincere
name the place where ever you wanna go I'm their
we can go to rap city I can get us a booth
cause the ones that's there now they don't be spittin the truth
you ask me how do I know the way they living is proof
claimin they freestylin what was ghostwritten for dudes
I wanna kick it with you
I'm on a mission to prove
that I'm a honest dude
this is not a comic view
see I wanna honor you and give you an award
but the ones that sponsor you I wanna give em the sword
they not fond of you they just wanna get you on board
and then they lie to you that's just like pimpin a whore
see they don't care what you mean to me or the community
how we can teach the seeds or promote unity
they just want coonery more and more buffoonery
so they can watch those videos like shake that booty b
but I'll never call you out of your name
just consider this a lane to get you outta the game
cause I'll take on all 50 states for you miss Debra
and you can call the battle Hip-Hop vs America


from American History X, released 15 December 2009
Written by Jasiri X
Produced By Kai Roberts

New Video: ONE FIFTY - Ethel Cee & Dumhi

Illadelph emcee Ethel is dope.

ONE FIFTY is featured on the new Ep from Ethel Cee & Dumhi...
"Seven Thirty" available NOW via

"Radio" edit of ONE FIFTY is available here for FREE download!

Lyrics & Vocals by Ethel Cee
Produced by Haj of Dumhi

Videography by Joe "Sick Six" Painter
Animation & Design by Adam "Monkey Toed Abu" Wiesen
Additional Engineering by Primus Luta

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quadir Lateef - "The Quickening Arts" (Official Music Video)

Free Download the Album "Rebel Forces"

Quadir Lateef - The Quickening Arts by Ridzdesign
Directed, shot and edited by Ridwan Adhami 
Original Track produced by Covert 

Ridzdesign Presents
Quadir Lateef - "The Quickening Arts" (Official Music Video)

Download the "Rebel Forces" album free from:



Statik Park ''Last Dayz'' (Remix)

New track and vid from Statik Park "Last Dayz" Remix shout out to Onyx.

MaLLy & The Sundance Kid :: Good One [feat. K.Raydio] :: Official Video

Now this song right here! Whew, heard it on KMOJ Tite at Nite and had to call in and RUSH IT!

MaLLy & The Sundance Kid :: Good One [feat. K.Raydio] :: Official Video

Now this song right here! Whew, heard it on KMOJ Tite at Nite and had to call in and RUSH IT!

Pheave - Keep It Movin - Dir. @DaVisionaryz

New video from Pleave with a visual from @DaVisionaryz

Gel Roc "Trust To Dust" (Official Video)

New Gel Rock! From the "Beautiful Tragedy". Directed by Isaac Klotz.

Available At:
iTunes w/digital booklet or
Digipak CD w/free poster from
Amazon -
Abolano Records -

"Beautiful Tragedy" Produced by Xczircles with Scratches by DJ Drez. Featuring MC's of E TIMES TWO (EX2), MASS MEN, FREESTYLE FELLOWSHIP, PROJECT BLOWED, MACHINA MUERTE & MORE...
P & C 2012
Abolano Records

Directed by Isaac Klotz