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Monday, July 4, 2011


The Jazzyfatnastees consist of Tracey Moore and Mercedes Martinez. They started out as a quartet and got a deal with Tommy Boy in 1993. After that ended, 2 of the members left the group and Tracey and Mercedes moved to Philadelphia. They used to be an opening act for The Roots and they got signed to Motive Records. They've provided background vocals for Outkast's 1996 single, Jazzy Belle. In 1999, they dropped their debut album, "The Once and Future," which had some great tracks: The Wound, Breakthrough, Unconventional Ways, Hear Me, and Related To Me.  In 2002, they released their second album, Tortoise &  Hare which had some standout tracks: Something In The Way, and my favorite, All Up In My Face. "Give A Dog A Bone" is one women love. I still keep both CDs in heavy rotation. They are currently working on their 3rd CD and as of June 22,, their facebook page says they have 6 tracks down and 4 to go. I CANNOT wait for their new CD! If you haven't heard of them, check out their 2 CDs and the 2 videos below. You will learn a lot about them in the below videos. The videos are from 2010. When I tell you these sistahs can sing . . . they really can s-a-a-a-n-g! - ♫ Kandee MusicLvr

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