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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Freedom's INK Show of the Week- Poetically Spoken

The livest Spoken Word/ Poetry Open Mic on the Airwaves!

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  1. There's not enough words to say how GRATEFUL I am for the LOVE and SUPPORT!! I used to run from the many embraces..not because I didn't appreciate it..I just for so long either didn't believe I was deserving or was so conditioned to believe that my purpose was to give of myself. Thanks to so many of my dear friends and family..and the many beautiful followers/listeners! I have learned to accept it all! I love and appreciate each person who has helped me be the best that I've become(haters included) today..and the greater I will the tomorrows that follow! Many, many blessings to you for ALL that you do and the undeniable STRENGTH of support you bless myself and others with! You are a BEAUTIFUL reflection!!! I'm humbled and teary eyed...(happy tears of course) *SMILE* @ Paradyme/Freedom's Ink~~ THANK YOU..THANK YOU..THANK YOU!! ♥