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Friday, April 22, 2011

15 yr old Seath Jackson murdered. 6 people arrested.

Seath Jackson

Six people were arrested this week and accused of luring 15-year-old Seath Jackson to a Florida home, shooting him several times, burning his body in a fire pit and putting the remains into paint cans.

The killing occurred Sunday in the central Florida city of Ocala, according to a statement from the Marion County Sheriff's Office. Two females in the group allegedly lured Jackson to the home, and the group beat him with a wooden object. He was then shot several times with a .22-caliber gun.
As Jackson attempted to flee, he was tackled and shot again, according to the sheriff's statement. His body was allegedly placed in a sleeping bag and burned in a fire pit outside the home. His ashes were placed into several paint containers and thrown into a large garbage can.

Line one: Michael Bargo, 18; James Haven, 37; Justin Soto, 20. Line two: Amber Wright, 15; Charlie Ely, 18; Kyle Hooper, 16.

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  1. Horribble,...horrible,....horrible!!!
    This evilment will see the wrath of GOD!!
    There is no place for them to run to hide
    from GOD,....may GOD not have any mercy
    on not one! The deed is too
    horrific that they should not escape punishment on the earth, ir in the spirit
    Realm or in Hell where they are & are headed!!! Malik Angel of Hell you have some new evil Residents coming!!! Satan just whispered the plan in their ears,....that's all...
    they all chose to listen, obey and carry
    out the plan & encouraged each other to give up their Souls to Hell! These are the worse kind of things associated with being called mistakeningly called "Humans". May GOD allow Seath to side by GOD's side to see their punishment and destruction first hand!