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Monday, May 16, 2011

Philasifer's "A Proper Introduction" Who said Hip Hop is dead?

Philasifer's (JMD Records/In-Groove/Universal Music Group) “A Proper Introduction” is just that! A properly laid down album, that keeps your head
noddin’ with fresh lyrics and finger snappin’ beats. Far from the dumbed dumb,  formulaic tracks that we are being spoon fed from the airwaves, Philasifer keeps it 100% Hip Hop all day long.

For long time Philasifer fans this will be no surprise. He gives us exactly what we are craving through truth-laden morsels that tempt and tease the palette leaving you craving more and more.

For new fans this will definitely be a wonderful experience for you. Music that moves you in your seat and lyrics that causes instant reminiscence back to when music gave you that good feeling down deep in your soul. 

Every track on "A Proper Introduction" is solid.  "Music For The People",  "So Broken", "Bboy 4 Life" and "It's Like" are some of my fav's.  The rock infused "Rockin It' is also addictive. 

The Bonus Tracks are wild! "Commercial Song" and "Overproduced" is straight Philasifer, using humor to point out flaws in the mainstreem Hip Hop.

Get this album now!

With Tracks Produced By :  Matty Slims , TONYD , Production Prophets, and 1991 Tha Producer and PHILASIFER
(* = Produced By PHILASIFER ) 

1. Fashionably Late*
2. A Proper Introduction* 
3. Don't Call It A Debut 
4. Music For The People
5. Higher Learning* 
6. So Broken
7. It's Like... 
8. Bboy 4 Life*
9. Rockin' it*
10. Spell My Name Right*
11. My Commercial Song* 
12. Overproduced* 

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