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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Submit Your Poetry For Consideration in Saul Williams new project!!

Taken from his blog, you can find the original article here 
Dear Friends,
I’m pleased to announce that I will be editing an anthology of fresh voices in poetry that will be published by MTV Books. Although I am classifying this book as an anthology it may, technically, be more accurate to label it as a literary (re)mixtape where I will be playing the role of DJ- cutting and splicing your submissions to create a larger cohesive poem that reads as a singular epic. Get it? We will be collaborating, in a sense, writing a poem together- all of our voices intertwined… in your words, not mine.
Here’s what you do:
* write a poem on any topic you choose (2 page max).
* submit it by sending it to by no later than June 15th.
* I, along with the help of editors Aja Monet and Dufflyn Lammers, will choose 100 poems. If your poem is selected you will need to sign and return a permission form that will allow us to print your poem and to splice it into the re-mix.
* While there is no pay, all authors will be credited in the book and will receive a free copy upon release.
* Please also include mailing address, email address, phone number, and indicate which is the best way to reach you, as well as a very brief one paragraph bio.
If this idea appeals to you then I would like to offer an open invitation for you to submit one poem and add your voice to the chorus.

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