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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oddisee- Rock Creek Park free download

Oddisee debuted his newest album Rock Creek Park on titunes today!
Oddisee Says:
       This has been one of my most productive summers & somehow I've managed to still enjoy the outdoors. I moved to Brooklyn, New York in October so this has been my first official summer in NYC. The inspiration I've received from my new environment has definitely had a positive impact on my music.  Once the weather broke, I spent allot of time cycling around New York & through its parks. It reminded me how much I loved Rock Creek Park in my home town, Washington, DC. This album is dedicated to Rock Creek Park & the memories its given me. 
The Song:
To give everyone a taste, Oddisee & MMG are giving away the song Still Doing It featuring yU of Diamond District.  The song opens with hand drums and piano before breaking into tambourine shakes and yU's brillant flow.  The humble king takes us on a lyrical ride through the park.  The perfect end of summer jam, Still Doing Itlets you feel the breeze and trees without losing any of the musical edge you expect from an artist like Oddisee who is always pushing boundaries.   So relive the last moments of summer with Oddisee & yU"Pennslyvania Ave, we rolling around, this is summertime we got the windows down."  Then slide into Autumn with Rock Creek Park.
Listen to the album & enjoy!  Then spread the word to your people.
[Free Song] Oddisee "Still Doing It (feat. yU)"
[Buy The Album]  Oddisee "Rock Creek Park" 

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