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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Freedom's Ink chats with Chicago MC, Singer, Producer and all around Bad Ass chick Nikki Lynette (@nikkilynette)

Paradyme had the chance to talk to Chicago Mc, Singer, Tv Host, Producer and all around bad ass chick Nikki Lynette about her career and future plans. She has a new video for her track 'Shut the F*** Up Boy' from the blazin' mixtape 'Roses N’ Guns 2: The BADDER ASSED Mixtape That Rocks'. Her unique style and multi-faceted artistry definitly makes her a favorite over here at Freedom's Ink.

FI- You have such an authentic style in both music and fashion. Is there any artists both old school and new inspire you creatively? 

NL-As far as contemporary artists go, I'm inspired greatly by N.E.R.D., The Noisettes, Kelis, and Lupe Fiasco. My old school inspirations are Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, Prince, Debbe Harry...people who rock the hell out. I was shy as a kid, but I've always loved the freedom rockers have, the "I don't give no fuck" attitude, and how their personality showed in every aspect of their lives from their hair to their music to their style of dress. That's the life for me! LoL

FI- You are definitly an artist who is paving her own way on her own terms, have you ever felt pressured to fit into the mold? How did you handle that?

When I initially started doing music to get my name out there, I was told that I wasn't urban enough and I wouldn't make it for that reason. I did an entire mixtape of me rapping over industry beats that had been given to me by well meaning DJs who were trying to hep me "sound more black." The people I was working with even had write with Urban artists so I'd have more Urban friendly hooks. I was hella young, so I didn't know any better than to go along with it. Then I got fed up because when I wanted to branch out and do music I wanted to do, nobody supported me. No producer would give me the kind of beats I needed, so I started producing my own beats. Nobody would help me get my music out there so I did it myself. Now that my stuff is on tv and I have a great fanbase, people support what I'm doing. Go figure.

FI-I would love to hear your advice to your young female fans about persuing a career in music. 

NL-Learn the business. Learn the main ways that people are making money and keep up with how that changes, because it changes a lot these days. Figure out how you can maintain a competitive edge over other people who are pursuing the same goals as you. That's why I've divide myself in half. Half of me is Rosey Gunz, the crazy free-spirited recording artist who lives for fun, music, and cereal. The other half of me is Lynette Metro, the non-nonsense businesswoman who doesn't believe in doing anything that does not lend itself to making money or the growth of my brand. Is it hard to be both a businesswoman and an artist? Yes. It's hard as hell. But if you want to succeed in this industry then you gotta do what you gotta do. 

FI-What are 3 things that you would like to accomplish in your career?

NL-I want to do an international tour, write/produce a score for a movie, and start an organization that help normalize the lives of kids in battered women's shelters. I went through that with my family & being homeless at such a young age is tough, I'd like to help make it better for them.

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