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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seriously! Who is comedian Terry Jones?

At the age of 18, Terry Jones began doing stand-up comedy in Pittsburgh, PA. Fresh out of high school, Jones decided to go on stage at the Pittsburgh Improv after a friend dared him to perform. Realizing he was blessed with the gift of laughter, he decided to pursue his dream as a stand-up comic. Jones has performed at many clubs such as the Pittsburgh and Cleveland Improv, The Funnybone, and has performed at different venues and colleges all around. He has done benefit comedy shows, been featured on Comcast On Demand, and has opened for the likes of Eddie Griffin, Hal Sparks, Jo’Koy, Melonie Malloy, Bert Kreischer, John Witherspoon, Gary Owen and many more. Terry Jones is aspiring to be one of the hottest young comics in America. He has an observational style that is very unique for a young, black comic. With his impersonations, energy, and raw talent, Terry Jones will one day become a household name spoken by everyone.

A Cast member of Pittsburgh TV show Off Da Grill.

First  PHHA(Pittsburgh hip Hop Awards) Comedian of the year.

Who are your favorite comedians?
That's tough, but Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, George Carlin, Franklin Ajaye, Freddy Prinze Sr., Steve Martin, Sam Kenison, Bill Cosby, Dick Gregory, The list goes on. But these are my favs and big influences.

What made you begin to do parodies? Who is some one that you can't wait to do next?
Well I always wanted to do parodies, ever since I was a kid I was reenacting a movie being funny. "In Living Color" is a huge reason, Damon Wayans mainly, I felt he owned that show, every sketch he did was gold. When I was a kid we had a anniversary SNL tape, it had guys like Steve Martin, Bill Murry, Dan Akroyd, John Belushi, Eddie Murphy, and Chevy Chase. That was a huge inspiration when I was younger, then in my preteens to teens it was Mad TV and then Chappelle show.The structure, Idea and effect that sketch comedy has always intrigued me. Ummm, nobody I can't really wait to get to, I just enjoy the random Ideas that pop in my head. I love to show my brain to the world, and hope it touches someone with laughter.

Top 3 Things that get on your nerves. 
1)Hmmmm, Internet social networks is one thing. I feel the Internet is like THE MATRIX, anyone you can't be in the real world you can be online. Its weird, we as a society go out in public to socialize. Yet we stay on a social network while out in public. It's scary, i'm the same online and in person, I have people I know online that talk all kinds of he hah online, but are so silent in person. Online Social networks make narcissistic zombies out of us. We have Internet everywhere, laptops, desktops, cellphones, ipods, videogame systems, its crazy. I hate being out and rather than someone next to me talking to me, they talk too me on twitter, it's like "HELLO SPEAKING FACE TO FACE IS WHAT NORMAL HUMANS DO." And it allows anyone to be a celebrity too, which takes away from actual artist. 'Whorederves' take a half nude picture they're "MODELS", someone does something funny online and never doing stage comedy but they're "Comedians." The list goes on to how annoyed I am by it, if I wasn't a artist, I don't think I would use social media much. I'm Addicted to social sites as much as I hate them, but I am more addicted to knowing my product and my brand is getting to the people. I love to share the gift of laughter to heal people, so I'm always trying to heal. Plus I like people to see all sides of me, the public figure side, the regular guy side, and the struggling artist side. I try to keep honesty and realness in what people see. Sometimes It makes me too exposed haha.

2) The non respect people have for Artists, I hate when people find out I'm a comedian and go, "say something funny." and I try to be nice and not say, "Kill Yourself" **Badum Ching** its annoying. I hate that people don't understand the art form, people laugh and make fun of when a comedian bombs. In reality it takes more courage just to stand there in front of people, then it does to go play in traffic. Jerry Seinfeld  said it best, he had a joke that went, "the number one fear next to death is public speaking, so that means that somewhere there is a guy at a funeral, who would rather be in the coffin than to be the person saying the eulogy." I feel more people need to respect and support artist than to bash them. As they say misery loves company.

3) Lying artists, so many people work hard for their goals and achievements, and you have people lying to make it. In the end they always lose, but it still takes away from the real hard working people.
Give us 2 good reasons to come and see you live!

1) Laughter is the universal medicine of the world

2) Because joining #TEAMTERRY and becoming a Terry Jones fan is the cool thing to do these days. "Come on everyones doing it!"

Can i get a free copy of your standup DVD?  
 sure you can have a a DVD for free, all of you can, just let me know............But it's going to cost you 15 dollars for me to ship it to you, so just keep that part in mind, when you get your free DVD. :-)
HAHAHA no you sure can have one I got ya.

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  1. Terry Jones is on his way to the top, he's the next Lenny Bruce! lol. Seriously, Terry Jones is a rare talent, & personality. His hard work speaks volumes & I wish him all the best.