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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Introducing Ashlee Bankz



Ashlee Bankz is a 16 year old rap phenmon hailing from the windy city. This Chicago native has gained the attention of many Chicagoans, being one of the hottest young upcoming talents to emerge on the hip hop scene. Due to her consistent hard work and unmatched passion to become a popular icon to many, her recognition for her dynamic talent is growing rapidly.She is one of the very few female emcees that could hold her own with the fellas, and she is also controlling the local scene when it comes to the emcees in here age bracket. 

Born Ashlee' McCulley, Ashlee Bankz grew up being influenced by music of all sorts. Some of her musical idols include Missy Elliott, TLC, Aaliyah, Lil Wayne, Monica,Tupac,Biggie,Eminem, Shawnna (who is also a close friend of the family) Michael Jackson, just to name a few. Ashlee grew up surrounded by music and art, having a mother who is a published author, poet, and singer. Ashlee had no control over an undying urge to pursue music as well. Excelling in activities such as basketball and maintaining great academics in school, it is no shock that this young spirit could also excel at one of her first loves, which is creating music. 

 Now at 16 years of age Ashlee Bankz is rocking many shows locally and accumulating a solid following, being recognized as one of the top young female emcee's/artists from her city. This young lady is not only a rapper, but also a singer and a producer in the making. She respectfully insists on being called an "artist" rather than just a "rapper". What makes her even more of a dynamic artist is her presence off the mic. Ashlee Bankz is full of character and personality, she's a very high spirited and welcoming young lady who believes showing everyone love.Some of her goals is to complete high school, become a household name, start her own music label and multiple organizations that give back to the community. Ashlee Bankz is a rising star who is definitely going to do some big things!  Look out for this young lady, Ashlee Bankz.

Bankz is also a part of an up and coming Music Power house called Tha IntaVention. Tha IntaVention is based off of 3 managers that manage 20 different artist. Bankz being the youngest and only female rapper on the squad. She is truly blessed.

 Ashlee's newest mix tape has been released and was hosted by none other than Teefa from 92.3 radio station. A power house in Chicago for music. She received 2000 downloads in one day for her mix tape and has been featured on many different artist here in Chicago's projects. Feel free to Google Ms. Bankz, she is definitely not playing any games and will make it to the top. Remember she is only 16, imagine when she is 18....where will she be in music by then.

**If you are into Hip Hop check this young lady out. I promise you won't be disappointed. We constantly make a lot of noise about the lack of a positive presence of females in Rap but I don't see enough about those who are giving us exactly what we are looking for. Keep an eye on her. Give it up for our youth that are following their dreams! -Paradyme**

Twitter: AshleeBankz

For contact

Lyrical Eyes
twitter @lyricaleyes
Tha IntaVention
Chicago Based

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  1. To those who may say NAY to this comment. Shut up. This young lady like many of the young emcees around is an inspiration to veterans like myself. If you think you can't be inspired by our youth that are coming up in hip hop/music we have nothing to talk about. 21 gun salute for the young lady Mz. Bankz. Can't wait to hear what she got coming up next.