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Monday, September 5, 2011

Dove Hagan chats with Freedom's Ink about her latest album, why you need to see her live and more.

Dove Hagan is an ingenuously soulful Soul/R&b artist out of Jacksonville, Fl. My attention was captured after hearing a few of her tracks from the then upcoming In the Key of G album. Now released it has absolutely fulfilled all of her fans expectations. Incredibly written, wonderfully performed, a exquisite blend of soul, jazz and spoken word. We had the opportunity to ask Dove a few questions about her love of music, her love of music, and her latest project. Enjoy. 

FI-What is your background in music? Were you inspired by your family? 
DH- I began singing at the age of 9yrs old in the school's chorus and much of my love for music and eagerness to participate in the school's choir was initiated by my mother.  She was a beautiful singer and I always tried to mimic her sound.  A day never went by that she wasn't playing a diverse mix of Soul, R&B, Rock or even Country.  I never forgot how I felt in those days and used music to hold on to the better memories of my early childhood.

FI-When did music become your passion and you decided that you wanted it to become a career? 
DH- Music became a passion for me early in life and as I matriculated through school I was fortunate enough to have music educators that kept my interest alive.  I knew I wanted music as a career after high school, but for practical purposes never saw an "in" that would support the drive.  I was finally able to put forth a valiant effort in 2004 to start my first studio album.

FI-What has been your happiest moment in your career? 
DH- My happiest moment was at my CD release party.  I was able to see a tangible product from years of hard work and share the success with people that were genuinely happy to see my dreams materialize.

FI- What does the phrase 'I made it' mean to you? 
DH- "I made it' means that others that hear my music are able to see my vision and without material gain, share my ministry to others in their circle that may benefit from my words, trials and experiences.
FI- Tell us about your current album. Do you have another project coming? 
DH- My debut album "In the Key of G.." was released in October 2010 and focuses on how nature and man work in concert with God (the G.. in the title) to make beautiful music that people rarely take the time to slow down and admire.  The wind blowing leaves, oceans roaring, animals baying or singing are all a part of the sound of the Universe and I wanted to capture as much of that "sound" as possible on the project.  The spoken word intro, which pays homage to the elders before us is produced in the music key of G.  I worked on my next project in conjunction with the first, so I'm almost ready to share it with the world.  The title is "Elements of One Love" and focuses on how the elements: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire correlate to human emotions.  The album itself will explore social issues and bring awareness to a lot of taboo topics. 

FI- Tell us why we should see Dove Hagan live?
DH- Dove Hagan live is an organic and spiritual experience.  Connecting energies is the goal of my music and being able to physically interact with the crowd gives me a "charge" and intuition to know exactly how the song needs to be delivered.  The exchange between myself and the audience personalizes our relationship and gives them a unique takeaway from the event

Click here for Dove Hagan's "In the Key of G" on CdBaby
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