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Friday, September 16, 2011

Jermaine Edwards Feat. Lypher - In My Life



  1. love dis song wud really love the lyrics for it

  2. In My Life
    Jesus, I put everything aside
    Cause I acknowledge you are the Most High
    Even the scholars can’t even deny
    That your words can’t ever be a lie

    Your word is the only thing that brings life
    Fifty- five preachers preach from the same verse
    Fifty-five revelations never been heard
    Only one God could made that work

    You are the only One that turn sorrows into happiness
    See my fleshly weakness and cleanse me gave me righteousness
    I know I can’t repay but I can live my life with reverence
    Try to live in Your presence, that your will be evident

    If I own everything in this world and don’t have Your Presence
    It makes no sense, If you are not in my life (X2)
    If I had the highest education that no man could reach
    I still would be dumb if I don’t have You in my life

    Some people in this world, act as if they own life
    Living for themselves they don’t want to know Christ
    But when the pain start call, God Name start call
    Never knew they needed God until the fame start fall

    To live is Christ and die is gain
    How could I ever give up God for fame?
    Say you having fun but you call me lame
    But I rather enter through the heaven’s gate

    How can I do without the strength of my life
    The joy of the Lord is the strength of my life
    Without Him I am hopeless, with Him I am so blessed
    In my life I want Him no less

    He is like a river flowing evermore
    Without Jesus in my life I would be insecure
    Without Him I am no one
    With Him I am so strong

    In my life, yes I need you in my life oh oh oh ooh
    Jesus in my life, oh oh oh ooh
    yes I need you in my life oh oh oh ooh

  3. love this song so much

    1. Thanks for the lyrics....... Can't stop playing it....... And one other song I love is LOVE AND DEVOTION. And I will live to have the lyrics too pls