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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Have you been following her Movements? Experience Monique Forrester..

by Voice Of Poetical Reason

Monique Forrester aka Lyrical Movements
Have you been following her Movements? I make no qualms in keeping my fixation on her talent, a secret. She is considered light years ahead of her competitors. Anyone who has ever had the honor of hearing her speak will nod in agreement when I say… She is the truth. Lyrical Movements is a force to be reckoned with…. Period. I will try to make this article as cliché-less as possible. But sometimes you just have to call it like you see it. Legends are made of less than what is thriving within the veins of Monique Forrester. It is not in the way she carries herself, which can be summed up many ways but I will choose one word ~ Golden. Nor is it the blues she has been through which has given her enough character to hold on to the Literal throne for several decades. Some may label her as a Poet, but she is beyond Poetry.
She is beyond the limelight or the chase to be in it. She is effortlessly a magnificent icon in the making. My superiors, who pre-read this article, felt as though I was laying the fluff on extra thick. After all…. Many of you have no idea what she is capable of and in my opinion her playful yet passionate videos on YouTube, do her no justice. This woman can captivate your eardrums for hours at a time, with or without your voluntary control. When you look at the pretty face you think….. Oh No… Here goes another sugary sweet Poet ready to douse the crowd to sleep with her, "He loves me, he loves me nots"…. You might get some of that from Ms. Forrester but it will not have the normal impact. It will have you envisioning her chosen subject and flipping the scenario so you can share the same theoretical, undying kisses. These mere factors make her a Master of Wordplay.
Her poems are truly unique. When asked, what style of poetry she identifies with she slyly remarked "Abstract". Abstract indeed, In fact her poem ~ "No More You” can make you bleed tears of overstanding. This woman has been to the Moon and back. In fact, she was Dream Chasing before she even knew how to interpret her dreams. There lies her secret, her dreams catapult her to the next level or propels her to bringing them into her current reality. Sometimes our flesh gives up and our spirit has to keep trucking along. Even after the bar closes up, the singers exit the joint, the bartenders turn in the cash, and the Manager turns down the lights. You may find her, reciting in an empty room just for rhyming’s sake. Her vibrations are felt off the walls…. Intensely. Several lifetimes are lived, through this woman's chase of her dreams. After moonlighting as an Accountant, she knew the monotonousness of the day to day hustle and bustle was quietly stifling her soul. The legal/morally illegal practices of her former counterparts opened her eyes to perform a soul search that even she had no idea on where the outcome would lead …..
When one takes a leap of faith to delve into an Artist, there are definitely times when he/she becomes satisfied/unsatisfied on contact. "If you are a sucker for the rhyme then you will be sweet on this verbal edible treat." said Phil Lee, as he left the Poetry haven ~ The Bowery Poetry Club, known for its years in the game. She is known by the masses as a Diamond in the Bronx, or as per Jewelz ~ "A Diamond in the Hood". The buzz is hovering over the Lyrical phenom, and you better believe this aspiring Lyricist is sure to woo even you… Poetically. She has so many wonderful qualities. To date she has completed two Spoken Word Albums; Lyrical Movements: When the Rain is Watching and Lyrical Movements: When Butterflies Harden, respectively. One of her Poetry books is complete and the other one is in its beginning stage, not to mention she has a novel in the works and a few screen play projects on the side. When I say this woman is dynamic, I mean this Butterfly is flying into every crevice under the sun, which she sees fit. Her warrior spirit makes her fierce in regards to the lyrics she has bestowed upon us.
A. Taylor quoted her as being a "Microphone Dropper". Not only do I agree with him but I know in my heart of hearts that if/when given a chance she will make you remember to follow her Lyrical Movements. You can obtain her CD, "Lyrical Movements: When Butterflies Harden" @ http// Her first collection of poetry is entitled ~ "Lyrical Movements: The Melodies and Makings of Me" and it will be released laterally with the second edition ~ "Lyrical Movements: Changing Destiny". It's quite alright if you decide to sleep on all of this talent. I have no doubt in my mind that she will find a way to wake you up…. That's my take on her… Did I mention she gives interviews too…. Feel free to reach out to her; she's on Facebook: Lyrical Movements & Monique Forrester, Twitter: LMovements, MySpace, Black Planet, & YouTube: Lyrical Movements… 

This Artist needs your support to keep her relevant, so feel free to reach out and read her Notes. I just want you to learn more about her Movements, so you can co-sign at the dotted line. Don't forget to thank me for putting you on to this Verbal Diva. Truth be told, after meeting her in person, I realized she has the passion of Super Woman.
How so? For starters, She is an Accountant by day and a Poet by night. This Lyricist has appeared on two television shows; more than a half a dozen times, with one hour spotlights… I might add. The Cultural Pioneer Showcase and Positive Choices were the shows. In the movie Across the Universe, she played a Revolutionary. Over the last year, she has appeared as a Feature on numerous radio shows. She is the epitome of Sunshine to everyone she touches. She's a Writer, a Poet, an Author, a Songwriter, an Artist, a Producer, a Composer, an Arranger, a Model, and a Business Owner ~ Lyrical Movements, and the list grows and grows. Her skills are priceless. She also offers interview services, as well as headshots for some of her favored clients. She is purely unstoppable, and a perfect example of what you can accomplish, If you focus on your goals. Ms. Movements aspires to get more in depth in the field of Poetry and capture some hearts in the Acting World. Did I mention, she occasionally does runway, print work, and in the Fourth Dimension Publications Calendar for 2009, she was Ms. March …. Least I forget, LM, was also April Spotlight Artist of the month on Like I said to my wife, Versatility has no mark on her. Her being easy on the eyes will be her husband's responsibility. Off the cuff, this is any man's Dream Girl. But that is just my take on Lyrical Movements from the Bronx. We may do a documentary on the Movements, just to further fulfill our curiosity on her internal beauty, and the checks and balances she holds dear to her. I'm signing off with this final thought. If you are not Following the Movements, Then you better be on your way to the Promise Land…. Happy Hunting ~ L.Y.R.I.C.A.L ~ Movements… As in the one who has and will continue to move the masses with her verbs and predicates…

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