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Sunday, September 12, 2010

See What's New from Creative Impowerment.

Creative Impowerment Artist Media

This company is designed to give media coverage to Pacific Northwest events. CI is also sponsor of Writing from the Depths of Ones Soul. The company and the show work hand in hand to bring the best interviews and coverage of events done by musicians, poets, spoken word artists and other local venues. CI is also sponsor of Youthful Expressions Workshop. The workshop is designed to bring the youth together to create and express together as well as share their creative talents.

STAP stands for 'Stop the Abuse Please' we are an organization designed to assist and educate regarding ones rights and where to turn in abuse situations. We will raise funding for various organizations with benefit dinners, concerts various other fundraisers. The first of the benefit dinners to be put on will be the Red Dress Affair (details pending).

3. As an artist Charlotte Langston is working on a book project 'Widow's Chronicles'. Short stories in poetry form covering the senseless deaths and abuse we experience daily on a national level. The project is projected to be completed in Summer of 2011. Proceeds from the book will be donated to a yet to be determined family shelter.

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