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Saturday, September 4, 2010

2010 National Poetry Awards Recipiants

2010 National Poetry Awards Host of the year-  Michael Guinn
2010 National Poetry Awards Business Associate the Year -  Ya'shika Dickerson
2010 National Poetry Awards Honoree of the Year - Abena Disroe
1. Teen Spoken word artist of the year - George Yamazawa
2. Poetry/Spoken word radio of the year - Epiphany's House
3. Latin Poet of the Year - Lizh
4. Poetry blog of the year - Bad Boyz Kitchen
5. Youth Poet of the year - Autum Ashante
6. Slam Team of the Year - Bull City Slam Team
7. Poet of the Year - Maximus Parthas
8. Most Influential Poet of the year - E.T.R.N.L
9. Christian poet/ Spoken Word Artist of the year - Urban Light
10. NPA Recipient of the Year - Maximus Parthas
11. New  & Upcoming Poet of the year - Rosemarie Wilson
12. Poetry Author of the year - Rosemarie Wilson
13. Poetry Magazine of the Year - Tribes Magazine
14. Slam Artist of the year - Novacain
15. Slam Coach of the year - Dasan Ahanu
16. Open Mic of the Year - Acoustic Affairs
17. Spoken word single of the Year - Truth B. Told
18.Spoken Word Album of the Year - Tai Allen
19.Poetry Soundtrack of the year - Isis Sun
20.Underground Poet of the Year Carmen Sun Baggit.

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