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Monday, September 27, 2010

CandyAcidReign: Where Music and Art Collide.

Who is Ladessa Sullivan A.K.A The Artist Known As CandyAcidReign? She is a visionary. One of the rare souls who see's visual art in the spoken word and the melody. She is completely self taught, a professional Poet, Painter, Fine Graphic Artist, Web Designer, Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and all around creative spirit that dabbles in most artistic crafts including jewelry making, crocheting & sewing. 

Him, Her and Past Pain Feat. Talaam Acey
By CandyAcidReign
Click here to Watch this time lapse video on YouTube.
How did I come across her? While clicking through endless YouTube video's  I came across her time lapse painting video featuring the spoken word genius himself Talaam Acey. I was immedietely struck. Having never seen what to me is a masterpiece created right before my eyes, i was awestruck. So I did what is in my nature, ask questions. Thankfully CandyAcidReign is as welcoming and warm 
spirited as she is talented

One question that I pondered was, 'How did this marriage of visually stunning artwork and music come to be?'

She responded that "When it's a collaboration like with the Taalam project, I selected one piece of his prior to sitting down to paint, that spoke to me the most at that particular time. Meaning my spirit was already leaning in a direction and I selected that piece to accompany (it). When I did that particular collab, it was mostly with the poem "Scarz" in mind but I did put his Spoken Word in rotation with the music I was listening to while painting. Also, I looked at his photos before painting to keep the man himself in mind. I only know him professionally, but I go off of his aura or what i intuitively perceive. I didn't look at him while painting though, purposely I looked before hand and then painted how I saw him. Of course, being that it was a collab, I infused much of myself into the piece. My style, my way of perceiving, rather than just creating the basic normal portrait."

Mother of Nature by CandyAcidReign

Obstruction by CandyAcidReign

"In other cases where I used the music of a band or artist, it was by an audition of sorts. They sent in their work desiring to have it featured in my video and I selected the song that best suited the painting which was already made."

She goes on to say, "It's odd because as a woman and artist who is serious about her work, sometimes I get people who think that I MUST know him personally in order to create the painting "Him, Her and Past Pain"... nope; not at all. We know of each other professionally based on a mutual respect & admiration for eachothers work." 

The end result is nothing short of magic. Her 
techniquee is magnificent. The finished products are wonderous, whimsical,  and at the same time 
hauntingly beautiful. 

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