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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spoken Vizions Magazine is on the Move!!!

October 25, 2010

SpokenVizions Magazine is on the move!!!

Greetings to my 
SpokenVizions Family.  

We are very happy to say that the re-launch of SpokenVizions Magazine has been extremely successful and we appreciate all of the support from our readers (old and new).  

Our Fall Issue of SpokenVizions Magazine features the international spoken word poet Mr. Taalam Acey,Suhayla Sabir (formerly of Oaktown's 357) and the very prolific writer Tshombe The Poet.    Allow us to introduce you to poets Lyrical Movements and Taina The Poet in our artistic element section.  Also find out what Mahogany Dust's top ten albums are of all of time. 

Journey with us as we get into the mind of the young and talented visual artistDoryan Nelson and find out why we feelJanelle Monae is our "On Point" artist of the issue.  
SpokenVizions Magazine featuresmusic reviews (mostly underground and indie artists), movie reviews (Movies released straight to DVD or independent film projects), compelling and inspiring articles, and the best news in spoken word poetry.  

Get your copy today by going to  SpokenVizions Magazine is available as a hard copy publication, as well as a digital copy.   And while you are at our site, check out some of the hottest poetry and indie artists videos onSpokenVizions  TV. 

Starting November 1st, we will start accepting digital subscriptions for the magazine. Get four issues... count them four issues for $8.00.  
Now that's a bargain.  

Well, that's gonna do it for us today.  Thank you for your on going support and please forward this e-mail to any and everybody who you feel would be interested in supporting SpokenVizions Magazine.  


Floyd Boykin Jr. 

Floyd Boykin Jr. 

P.O. Box 373, Florissant, MO  63032.  For more information, please send e-mail to or call 314-517-8764.

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