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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Importance of Research & Studies in Entertainment


 Importance of Research & Studies in Entertainment
by DaCloak (Rapper, Producer, Owner of Deepsea Ent. Inc)

The reason that I’ve chosen the title that I have chosen for this particular article is that the common mistake that every new artist, producer, song writer, and etc. make is that they don’t do the proper research before they decide to become apart of the entertainment industry. It’s vital that you do this research for whatever position you decide to choose as a career. Take at least an hour out of your day to study the history, requirements, and amount of pay that you are supposed to receive. You don’t want to be one of THOSE who have a story of being taken advantage of because you didn’t do your proper research and studying.

Now granted with the help of the internet,, and you can acquire any information that’s needed about your desired field of entertainment. Will you just be able to go on and find companies just posting random jobs for the entertainment business? PROBABLY NOT. Many companies are, however, still using interns and temps to hire employees for those of us who are currently attending college and need experience in their desired field. Not ALL interning jobs pay, but the experience definitely makes a difference in your choices of career opportunities in entertainment. Stay on top of your game whatever your destination in the entertainment whether it’s marketing, promotions, artist management/development, public relations, attorney, consultant, and music production

Other Need To Know Information

For those of you that are artists, producers, and song writers I urge you to do these specific things before you sign any contracts, sale, or lease any material. If you own the company that you’re working for the following steps should be taken.

  1. Register your material with the library of congress @ . Each form is for different aspects of copyrighting your material.

  1. Register your material with either ASCAP ( or BMI ( Register as both a publisher and a song writer. Believe me you want to own 100% of both if you want to make money from your material.

  1. Register your body of work with either Sound Scan or BDS (Broadcast Data System).

Peace & Blessings
Gregory DaCloak James

Deepsea Entertainment Inc.

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