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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RECAP- Voice Of The City by T. Richardson

Voice of the City!
A Sound of Celebration!

This is no ordinary life. This is certainly no ordinary man. I concur that life is much too
short and that we should all celebrate every moment in the fullest! On March 3rd in
Chicago, IL I entered a scene of the purest example of just that. I walked into dark dim lit
room on the south side of Chicago at a new social landmark called Room 43 and
watched it fill up fast with close to 400 friends, fans and family of Hip‐Hop’s Favorite
Poet J. Ivy. The exposed brick walls and candle center pieced tables gave not only the
precursor for the coming festivities but set the perfect mood for one of the most perfect
celebrations that I’ve ever witnessed. I thought that I would just attend yet another
birthday party and give yet another routine happy birthday wish, but to my surprise –
none of that happened. There was nothing routine about the evening, from the Red Bull
Themed Sponsored drinks to Live Art Painting on Stage including Special Guest
Appearances from Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr., to Celebrity Photographer Sandro
Miller. From the onset of the evening, the first impression was that this would be no
run‐of‐the‐mill moment. This birthday celebration was for the renowned Grammy
Award Winning hip‐hop poet, performer and writer J. Ivy.

While glasses were raised and the most exhilarating conversations were being had, the
freshly formed showcase called the ‘Voice of the City’ began its approach to the stage.
The 303 Edition of this showcase was set with an All‐Star Chicago Cast and Audience,
with performances from new‐comers, Precise, FM Supreme, K‐Love The Poet, Red
Storm, M’Reld, and Phenom. The showcase also included, Hip‐Hop Legend Mikkey
Halsted, Comedian heavy weight B. Cole, Grammy Award Winning Tarrey Torae and
Musical Scientist DJ. Jay Illa. In the midst of all of the formidable mentions, also in
action was Slang the acclaimed visual artist, known for his infamous graffiti work
throughout the United States, Flutist Dana Lynn, and Edith Yokely, a distinguished
violinist who has worked from New York to Chicago as a member of the Symphony
Orchestra’s in both cities. All of these talents were nicely threaded together in
celebration of the life and times of J. Ivy. This was a clear moment of living the truest
form of ‘smelling the roses’ while you are here.

Camera’s were rolling as the showcase presented the above mentioned artistry all in
honor of this Poetry Birthday for our generation’s poet J. Ivy. In an amazing transition, I
witnessed one talent to the next. It felt like a new generation of artistic faculty all
brought together for this Life Celebration. Opening and closing the live taping was a
special performance from the birthday man himself – J. Ivy. Using the violin, the flute
and a dj, J. Ivy proved why he’s been able to kick down door after door using poetry as
his apparatus. Certainly, he deserved the best celebration ever! In the most refueling
capacity, it seemed to just be new fuel for him to keep going into his new year of life.
With the new album titled ‘Here I Am,’ we are sure to have only seen the surface of what
his life will produce for our world. The positivity that he shares and inspires in his work
is the exact measure of how life should move us. His holiday was a sincere appreciation
of life and an example of how we should all pursue our journey. Happy Birthday J. Ivy!
Wishing you many more – Keep the great poetry and celebration coming! The world
need’s more of it. This birthday edition of The ‘Voice of the City’ Showcase gave life to
much more to come. For more information on J. Ivy please visit www.j‐
-T. Richardson

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