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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rachel Walker- Greetings From The United Kingdom

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Greetings From The United Kingdom
Dear Supporters, 

It is with great pleasure that I bring you greetings from The United Kingdom. I have the distinct honor of performing as 1/3 of the legendary Funk/Soul group Sister Sledge for the 2nd time making this my 2nd International touring experience.

On this tour, I will be performing in the following locations: 
Birmingham LG Arena, London Wembley Arena, Manchester Arena, Newcastle Arena, Glasgow SECC, Sheffield Arena, Cardiff Int. Arena, Bournemouth BIC and of the final day, Sister Sledge will be taping a TV interview in Italy.
Special thanks to Joni Sledge and PMG International for this amazing opportunity. I look forward to the future. 
"Where's The Party At"
I recently collaborated with MC Eniqueity on a radio promo for NYC's 98.7 Kiss FM and 107.5 WBLS FM. The song is called "Where's The Party At"and it is being played in heavy rotation on both stations on the weekends. 

Special thanks to MC Eniqueity & DJ's Jeff Foxx (WBLS) and Tommy Allen (KISS FM) for the support.
"The Best Stranger"
Prior to leaving for the Disco Funk Tour de France in October, I was IM'ing my good friend and fellow artist Tshombe Sekou on the topic of the internet and how the internet has reshaped how we relate to others. Tshombe and I met via Twitter and have developed a friendship that lead to an amazing musical-spoken word collaboration with my latest single "Falling". During our conversation Tshombe referred to me as "The Best Stranger" and of course I immediately heard a song. Thus the birth of the fun and lighthearted track"The Best Stranger".

Check out the audio here.

Download your copy of the hit single "Falling" (2 for 1 deal on CD Baby/also available on iTunes) & get your free copy of "The Best Stranger". Just forward a copy of your CD Baby or iTunes download confirmation

Again, thank you all for the love and support. I look forward to the journey ahead. A NEW chapter in my life begins NOW! Stay blessed and stay tuned!

Bless, Always, Rae.

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