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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can She Be Saved? A Closer Look.

Official Selection in 15 Festivals including: The Women's International Film Festival, International Youth Film Festival, San Diego Black Film Festival
Winner of 4 Awards including: Best First Film at the 2010 Intl Youth Film Festival, Best Documentary at the NC Black Film Festival!!!`

Still Eye Rise Pictures is proud to announce the film festival release of the ground-breaking film, Can She Be Saved? directed by filmmaker, best selling author and youth activist, Yasmin Shiraz.

Can She Be Saved? features 8th grade girls from Syracuse, NY who’ve been labeled aggressive by their teachers and guidance counselors. “This film gives girls who fight the opportunity to speak up and talk about their anger and their propensity toward violence,” said Shiraz.

Can She Be Saved? documents real girl fights throughout the US and shows how this recent phenomenon has become entrenched in American culture through songs, music videos and films.  “Many people are shocked by our girl fight footage, but girl fights have become the norm in many areas in the US – both urban and suburban,” noted Shiraz.

Can She Be Saved? aims to elevate the voices of teen girls who fight and the reasons behind their violence as well as explain how girl violence impacts academic excellence, self esteem and a girl’s overall future.

Can She Be Saved? will be screened at schools, youth organizations and film festivals in major cities across the country throughout 2011. Following the screenings, youth will have the opportunity to participate in discussions on violence with the director and community leaders.

For more info please contact Yasmin Shiraz

***I am definitly supporting this project. We talk about it all the time as a community regardless of color. Our young women are angry, they are distructive and everyone is asking the questions but i respect Yasmine for seeking the answers. - Paradyme***

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