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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Spot Welcomes Monica Monet Dec. 2nd at 10pm est.


Soul is not something we acquire. Soul is embedded into our very beings 
based on our surroundings and our experiences. And when that soul 
searches for release, it emerges in the essence of Monica Monet
Born in Philadelphia, Mississippi, a town infamous for its role in the Civil 
Rights movement, the soulful sounds of Monica Monet were influenced by 
such phenomenon that embodies life, love, heartache and rebirth.

Moving to Atlanta in 1997, Monica Monet signed a recording contract with 
Beyond Entertainment. Under this management, she penned second album 
entitled Season’s. After the release of this album, she decided to take 
some time for self refection. Monica Monet moved to Jacksonville, Florida. 
There she furthered her penmanship, transitioning from song writing to 
chronicle the discoveries she made in her journey of life and music.

Music is my canvas, “ says Monica Monet. “ I am ready for the next level – 
to show the world what Monica Monet has to offer!”
             Twitter: MonicaMonet904

**It is my honor to have Monica Monet on The Spot 
Dec 2nd! Monica is a down to earth beautiful 
woman that rocks! Her music? Oh yes, it's sure to 
please the ear that hungry for soul. Make sure you 
join us." -Paradyme  

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