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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

RAP or Spit Welcomes Luvleeh Poetiklocks Sun, 10pm est Nov 21!

Name: Leandrea "Luvleeh Poetiklocks" Hill
Hometown: Newburgh NY
Graduated from Elizabeth City State University-06 Cum Laude & with many other accolades, then relocated to Charlotte. Finalist for the @CenterStage Multi-Cultural Talent Showcase representing as the ONLY poet, Girlfriends Mentor, showcased a one woman poetry show @ Golden Arrow Plaza in VA, debuting Love, Life & Relationships, was V.P. of non-profit organization, Youth H.O.P.E. Promotions {Having Opportunity Promotes Excellence},featured at PJ's prior to relocating back to NY.

In NY, I began writing my first books of poetry Sakura: A Luvleeh Experience Volumes 1 & 2 {release date TBA}, in process of re-launching my small business, Luvleeh Inks & Links: Handmade Jewelry, Arts, Crafts & Poetry. I continued to volunteer through Luvleeh Inks & Links, supporting S.C.O.R.S and teaching hands on arts & crafts classes to 5-7 yr olds as well as step coach to 3 squads in Newburgh,NY. I spread Unity Through Poetry through my FB group page A Luvleeh Poetiklocks Experience (Supporters) and in life. U.T.P. is the support of all genres and artists/writers alike from cd/book sales to promoting others works/ supporting at live venues, helpful tips/ links & more.

In my spare time I write, “Luvleeh Poet of the Week”, my blog Poetik Rendezvous,, started a new {online} “Couple’s Book Club”, I create poetry youtube videos to expose my works. I continuously give back to others by networking with people willing and desiring to Spread Unity Through Poetry in their own way. I have future engagements for jewelry & art showcases as well as a couple poetry features which updates can be found in my group.

Favorite Quotes:
“Wisdom is the river between reality and imagination. Don’t let ignorance flood your waters.”- Leandrea Hill

“Love begets Love, Unity begets Unity, Peace begets Peace, which all together begets *Unity through Poetry*”- Luvleeh Poetiklocks, Huniie, Indigo
*From my mantra Unity Through Poetry

 Favorite Poem:

The following is my contact:
FB: Luvleeh Poetiklocks
Twitter: @LuvleehPoet
Blog: Poetik Rendezvous:
Youtube Channel: poetiklocks
Other sources: and

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  1. Wow I am so honored thank you so much really looking forward to Rap or Spit!!!!