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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Get to know Lady Khadija


Heavily talented, Lady Khadija is a multifaceted artist that has captivated audiences with her sultry song and fierce spoken word. With wisdom beyond her years, she uses her many talents to benefit and uplift all of humanity. She is more than just poetry, difficult to define and not to be confined, with extraordinary empathy which enables her to connect with individuals from all walks of life. She is many things, but a servant first, with a mission to inspire, encourage, educate and empower all people. Her many talents include singing, performance poetry, crochet and textiles, play-writing, song writing, digital design, radio broadcasting, jewelry making and fashion design. She has shared the stage with artists such as Sonia Sanchez, The Last Poets, Jessica Care- Moore, Talib Kweli, Tony Award winning, HBO Def Poet Georgia Me, and Harry Belafonte. Effortlessly fusing art with advocacy and activism, she is founding member of the artist collective of 144k and founder of Project DGTS, formerly WordSound Alliance. 

Lady Khadija began writing poetry and singing in grade school, performing at local talent shows and community venues in the Cincinnati area. In 1998 started integrating performance poetry and song, but she remains committed to providing platforms for artist expression. In 2004, she developed and hosted Lyrical Insurrection, currently Cincinnati's longest running artist showcase. She also co- hosted several shows on WAIF-FM Cincinnati, and is currently developing Authenticity!TruYu, Authenticity!Radio and other DGTS projects. She released a book of poetry in 2002 entitled Peace It Together. She has performed in various theater productions, co-producing and performing in two plays, 144k's The Revelation made its debut in 2000 at the Aronoff Centre and with Summons of Supreme in 2003, La Pacha Negra debut at the Contemporary Arts Centre of Cincinnati. Her most recent CD project is the 2008 release, 19... FireWater, an intoxicating fusion of poetry and song. 
Booking and Contact for Lady Khadija 786-704-8874 

**I definitly want to encourage everyone to get her cd Firewater. She vocals are amazingly beautiful. Her words uplifting and powerful. Definitly someone on the move! -Paradyme**

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