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Saturday, January 15, 2011

60 seconds w/ with Walter "P.O.P." Matthews

When did Poetry/Spoken Word become a part of your life? How did you come to incorporate it with music? 
Spoken word/ Poetry became a part of my life officially in 2004 when I was inspired to write a book of Poetry " The Blood of my Pen". I was received very well on online poetry forums so I went through a prolific spell of writing from 2004 to 2008. I come from a conscious rapper's background so the transition into poetry was very easy. 

How the music came about is I just wanted to be a written poet and there was a big demand from poetry networks and the local record label that I was on to do audio. So that's when the Spoken Word from  Poet of Pain was born.

Who inspired you creatively to use writing and music as an outlet? 

My ultimate inspiration was the late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. When I heard his music that emotional touched my soul, I knew I forever wanted to be a part of music. My name Poet of Pain is a homage to him and any music that's directly from the heart.

What is POP productions? 

A voice for the voiceless.  P.O.P. Productions is me Walter Monroe. The POP nickname was born at The Black Poetry Cafe. I created this production company because being an artist I know what artists like. I specialize in teaching artists how to properly self record, I compose music to fit the theme of their album, and I mix and master to give everyone a professional sound. I dedicated this business to all of the poetry networks because they all were a big part of me getting to this place that I'm at.

What do you look for in artists to work with?  

I look for Integrity, honesty, drive, and passion. I want artists to be more excited about their project than I am. That creative vigor is very infectious.

Who or what inspires you creatively?  

The who, this awesome guitarist and MC by the name of Heron Demarco. He's one of the only underground artist that I've heard that make me want to play my guitar, write, or get in the booth immediately.
  The What, the root and origin of ALL music and that's heavenly Praise and Worship

Find P.O.P. here: 

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