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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Freedom's INK reviews "Experience" by Mahogany Dust

From Atlanta, GI'Twice (singer, guitar) and DNA (spoken word, guitar) have been doing their thing since 2007. Both eventually left their jobs as Microbiologists to pursue music their own way, with their own sound they like to call "Spoken Soul." Gi-Twice's jazz inspired leads give way to song after song of finger snappin hooks that will stay in your head for hours. DNA is razor sharp, his spoken word gets to the hard of the matter with an aggression of that Uncle that has been there and done that. Together the fusion creates a friction that brings the heat track after track! "Experience", the follow up to their debut cd "Livin" is solid music. It's deliberate, it takes you places. It reminds me of what I have been missing in newer artists today. The Experience of listening to a cd that you truly enjoy. That you can listen to from begining to end and keep on repeat. The title track "Experience" is an uptempo track where Mahogany Dust gives you the options, learn from your mistakes and get on the right path, or keep bumpin your head. You might chose wrong, but you can't say they didn't warn ya! I have quite a few fav's from the album, "Friday" will have you singing all night long. "Chillin at the Bar" is a short track that takes you back in the day, it's a smooth groove boy meets girl story, that will have you smilin and dancin' in your seat. "Goodbye" is a beautiful song in which Gi-Twice expertly pulls you into the pain of letting go to move on. DNA hits hard with the truth about those of us who are too afraid to 'turn to the next chapter. I could go on and on. All the songs on the "Experience" cd are carefully crafted from the spirit of these two dynamic and talented people. You will not be disappointed.

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