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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Spot Welcomes Nobody Gets Killed Jan 27 at 10pm est

Join Paradyme as she welcomes Nobody Gets Killed on The Spot. After hearing from them from a friend this band quickly became a favorite. Check them out!

Nobody Gets Killed are pianist, guitarist, and lead vocalist, Mo Nabulsi alongside bassist and drummer, Michael Overton. This duo from Anahiem, California almost never existed until one day they performed together during a jam session and discovered a shared unique musical chemistry.

Although this is their first album release and while they have only been together since the later part of 2009,
NGK shows the maturity of a seasoned band offering an arsenal of songs from their self-titled debut album poised to captivate their listeners. While these two musicians say they strive to be like The Beatles, Radiohead, and Muse, make no mistake, NGK posses their own unique style and signature sound that could be easily be grouped among these respective bands that is known for their timeless sound that could be heard for generations to come.

Even though nearly every song seems to surround a somber level of tranquility, 
NGK was not afraid to be creative with their music. They offer a blend of multiple tempos, which makes this band an absolute enjoyment from one song to the next.

"Breakdown" is 
NGK's breakout single and highlight track of the album for the song's smooth beats, soulful rhythms, and its alluring story. One of NGK’s most recognizable songs is, "Sublime". “Sublime” is one of the most beautiful songs from their EP, combining piano and guitar, the track is reminiscent of songs like “Notice for you” by Dashboard Confessional or “Fall for You” by Secondhand Serenade, bands known for their emotional music qualities. Other songs like “The Last to Know” and “Runaway” are equally serene, but offering more musical depth and rock appeal combined with the haunting soulful voice of Mo Nabulsi. This is where the influence of Radiohead shines through, perhaps they even sound somewhat like a Collective Soul and maybe even a bit of Coldplay type of band.

What people are saying about 
Nobody Gets Killed:“Beautiful Voice, Beautiful Song, Great Mix!” - David of Pendulum Arts
"Beautiful, intense, well written and arranged!" - Deviant Sound Records
“Haunting vocals reminiscent of Alice in Chains and intense, weeping guitars take the listener for a ride into a dark world that seems never ending.” - Michele McManmon of
“Simple Modernistic Groove!” - Lacy of KCLA 99.3 FM
"Mo's voice is spectacular, yet he has a haunting voice that sends chills." - Michael J of The Great Unknowns Presents

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