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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Get to know Ms. Ness and iFs

 Born where, in order for dreams to come true, hustle has to be a KNOWN skill [Brooklyn, NY] and flowing the blood of the island of dreams,Dominican Republic, Ms. Ness has been a highly expressive woman since birth, a renaissance woman growing up and still evolving until this day.

 At the age of 22, Ms. Ness has achieved much more than anyone could imagine, and still reaching the top. She has been a poet for 14 years, artist [sketch] for all her life, graphic designer [3 years] and a photographer for about 2 years. 

Established in 2008, she wanted to create her mark in the artistic world with a name that symbolized everything that she does. Many will agree that when it comes to her passions, her talents - she puts much SOUL and PASSION into all that she does. iFs is known for a simple yet memorable set of design and vision. 

iFs Productions is owned by L. Vanessa Pacheco (Ms Ness) & Malcolm Whitehead (Blakk Rose) and in association with Verbal Ink Radio owned by Eryk Moore. 

Links: imSOULfly Apparel Shop Official iFs Productions Site

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