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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Spot Welcomes Atlanta Red LIVE Jan. 6th at 10pm est.

Click here to listen to Atlanta Red LIVE on January 6th at 10pm est.

The final chapter of the pen name, Atlanta Red, closes in 2010.   In 2006, Atlanta Red, Inc. was  founded as the media and publishing marketing arm for the writer, Atlanta Red.   Since that time, the business scope evolved to include more meaningful focus in the areas of community, entertainment promotions, and business development.   Soon, at least 50% of the artist’s efforts included endeavors to help promote positive efforts through teamwork rather than focusing on individual advancements.
In 2007, “A.R” self-produced his first two CDs:  “My Love, My Poetry” and “The Aspirations of Atlanta Red”.    “My Love, My Poetry” was created to address the ability to express love, romance, and intimacy through poetry.    “The Aspirations of Atlanta Red” was produced to address areas of greater significance to the artist:  spirituality and cultural awareness.  

Atlanta Red also initiated collaborative efforts with other artists in order to address concerns within our community.  The 2008 compilation, Poetic Stimulus, features collaborations with esteemed spoken word artists, poets, singers, and musicians  from around the world.   The free CD download, was produced as a tool of hope, encouragement, and inspiration to the lives of people around the world who had been impacted by economic crisis.   The CD remains available for download at
A.R.’s heart for community also led him to volunteer his time in the metro-Atlanta Kirkwood community by providing hosting and promotional support at The Gathering Grounds coffee house from late 2009 to April of 2010.   Providing support in hosting at the venue allowed promotion of local artists in addition to helping to sustain the well respected venue as a safe haven for community youth t enjoy entertainment.

Other accomplishments and endeavors associated with the pen name, Atlanta Red, include: having been featured on the Michael Baisden Show in order to address the issue of suicide prevention; co-hosting one of the most popular talk shows, Freedom Verse Café, founded by Tshombe Sekou;  hosting his own internet-based talk show, The Segment; creating the poetry social network,; and continuing to volunteer his time to help beginning artists to establish business infrastructures to promote their own works.

Atlanta Red’s last CD production is being published in 2010.   For more information, visit Atlanta Red at to learn more about his work in addition to supporting and celebrating the final lines to the last chapter of the pen name, Atlanta Red in 2010. 
“Love is plentiful.  Give it feely.” – A.R./Daryl 

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