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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Seven Li- Good Together

Seviin Li's single "Good Together" is simply an undeniable radio hit! It is a song for everyone who is in or has been in a relationship that has gone through times where others or circumstances try to break them up, it is the perfect message to encourage couples to stay together!! Seviin Li's performance on this song is heart felt and amazing and the world needs to hear this young, up and coming artist!! This singer, songwriter, and actress has toured nationwide with lead roles in off-broadway shows and has recorded with grammy winning artists such as Murphy Lee. She has received astounding reviews from outside markets like Black Girl Shining Blog Site based out of Atlanta, GA. Seviin Li is a hard worker and her own boss, and because she is standing on her own to put herself on the music industry map she needs your help to be heard. Seviin Li says she strives to be the be the best "her" she can be and continues to gives her all by commanding the stage with her music, soulful vocals, thought provoking lyrics and powerful performances which will continue to set her apart from the rest.

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