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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tai Allen- Love Music (Summer Preview) Free Download


LOVE MUSIC is an attempt to make a record about love. Simple: songs, instrumentals and poems that deal with some of love's variations. Everything we could muster 
from inspiration and thought. Pieces about romance, God, self discovery, lost, pain, community, death and, of course, lust. I am not going to claim this record explains love but it will be honest and thoughtful. 

It was easy to choose a musical direction. I wanted Jonn and I to be immersed in our 90s. During this 
crazy decade we danced to the soul sampling of Puffy, Bomb Squad and Pete Rock; while headnodding 
hard to the moods of Portishead, Supreme Beings of 
Leisure and Tricky. Hence a record spirited by 90s and 
influenced by an artistic 60s/70s approach. 
You can call the record...arthouse soul.

               Click Here for Free Download

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