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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Do you remember Adriana Evans (real name Adriana Madera) from the late 90s? She was NEO SOUL back then and she is NEO SOUL today! She was born in San Francisco, CA and was one of the first Neo Soul artists. From a young age she was immersed in music. Her mother, Mary Stallings, sang with jazz artists like Count Basie and her godfather is jazz saxophonist, Pharoah Sanders. She met rapper Dred Scott and they began working together. She appeared on his "Check the Vibe" in 1993. Her debut CD, "Adriana Evans" was a blend of jazz and soul. It was one of the best CDs in the late 90s. Her style reminds me of Sade, Angela Bofill and a lil' bit of Roberta Flack all up in the mix. Her music grabs you and you want to tell everyone you know about her. Every track on the CD could've been released and been number one hits. My favorite tracks are: Love Is All Around, Seein' Is Believing, Say You Won't, and I'll Be There. Paul Stewart, CEO of PMP Records played a major role in helping Adriana sign on with Capitol Records in the 90s. If you've never heard of her . . . check out her CDs: Adriana Evans, Nomadic, El Camino and her latest CD, Walking With The Night.

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