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Monday, July 25, 2011

Json - Parent Me - feat. J.R.

Check out J. Son (@json116) putting it down for the kids asking ALL parents to quit being so 1 dimemsional in their parenting and be a parent in all aspects of their kids lives. Quit just teaching the young men to be tough but also teach them to respect, love, and honor not just their parents but everyone. Asking you to quit being so caught in you jobs, material posessions, and appearances to love/guide them through the challeges of life. Shout out to Rapzilla (@rapzilla) for shining light on it first.- DaCloak Twitter: @DaCloakAKATha1 Facebook: DaCloak

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  1. This video made me cry. We try so hard as parent's to give them what they need. Sometime we forget about the time, the little things that we cherished from our own parents. Thanks for posting DaCloak.