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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Freedom's Ink Remembers Amy Winehouse 9.14.83-7.23.11

Today Amy Winehouse (born in Southgate, London, England) was found dead in her Camden, London home. Even though I think we all felt that this was the road that she was traveling down it is still heartbreaking to me. Her eclectic sound and vivacious personality gave a gritty realness to her own special brand of soul. This is a tribute to her at her best and I would rather not indulge in talking about her downward spiral of addiction and mental health issues.  Whether you love her or hate her, Amy Winehouse gave us some pure uncut music that will stand the test of time.

She released two albums the critically acclaimed "Frank" and the international success "Back in Black." From there collected numerous awards including 1 BRIT Awards, 2 Echo Awards, 1 Elle Style Award, and 5 Grammys.  -Paradyme

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  1. Awesome post Paradyme. Thank you for not harping on her tragic end. Rest In Peace Amy you are (not were) an amazing artist.