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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Etana is a Jamaican born reggae singer and songwriter. She describes her musc as "raw soul reggae." Etana came on the music scene with her hit song "Wrong Address" in 2006.  You must watch the video closely to see what the song is all about. Unbelievable!  What happens in the video is a  true story that happened to her aunt. Etana is known locally in Jamaica and internationally.  Her 2nd album dropped in Feb. 2011 'Free Expressions' which has 15 amazing tracks! Her creative songwriting skills and passion-filled singing will blow you away. Be sure to download it. Etana says "sex sells, but she'd rather sell music." I love it! Her lyrics are very "conscious." People, and everyday life is what inspires her to write the way she does. The singer wants to have a foundation that helps young boys and girls who are unable to afford an education or formal training to become educated, independent, mentally and spiritually strong adults. The lyrics on her albums are very uplifting and have a lot of positive energy and strength. My favorite tracks by Etana are: Live and Love Life, Wrong Address, August Town, Free, Happy Heart, Heartbroken and Mocking Bird. Do NOT sleep on her music! Check her out!

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