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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


West African born, Abenaa's 2000 debut CD "Tuesday's Child" fulfills a music lovers ears with her expressive vocal style. She sings, plays acoustic guitar and the electric guitar. Her  music could be considered alternative soulful pop/rock, but she can't be put in one category because the sistah is so good. Her songs are melodic, lyrical and so beautiful. The music industry has truly slept on Abenaa. My 2 favorite tracks on the CD are 'Rain' and 'Song 4 U'. Actually, every track is amazing! Her voice is very soothing and all of the tracks on the CD will touch you to your core. She has written for Vanessa Williams and her vocal range is right up there with Vanessa Williams, too. Her style is sort of retro-soul on some tracks and funk on others.  The CD has been around for 11yrs but it is one you MUST add to your CD collection and you will keep it in heavy rotation. You can do your household chores, pump it up in your car, play it at work or while relaxing by the pool while taking it all in. Check out the song 'God Made You' where she plays the electric tremolo guitar. She should definitely be a SUPERSTAR!  ♫ Kandee MusicLvr ♫

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