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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Breeze "ILifeThis" Tha Poet new album "Serenity's Song" Available Now.

Often known as The “Preacher of Poetry” for his powerful voice and no non-sense style of performance, Breeze “ILifeThis” The Poet electrifies stages around the country. Born in Richmond Virginia, he was unsettled with the direction hip hop, his first love, was taking. So he took his own. Destination set to the hearts, minds, and spirits of any and everyone who can hear him. Focused on enlightening, encouraging, and informing, Breeze lives in his own little fantasy world where everything is the way it should be, but he is constantly haunted with the fact that this is not reality. So he uses his voice and his heart to set the world right at every open mic, poetry event, slam, school function and any other avenue he can find. His body of work includes 3 cds, his debut Truly Yours, his second Still Waters, and his latest work I Life This are all stated to be available for internet purchase before the end of the year. He has performed on stages with name like Lamar Hill, Talaam Acey, Cuban, God Child the Omen, Megan Rickman, John “Survivor” Blake, Archie the Messenger,Def Jam Poet Jus Cus, Sabrina Gilbert, and the list goes on. He has performed in venues throughout the east coast including Washington DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, and New York. His biggest accomplishment beyond all others, is reaching the people. He still blushes when someone says he touched them with his words. He is commended for his humbleness, passion, drive, and the excessive amount of faith he has in his craft. His philosophy is that he is not special, this gift was given to him by his Father, and the people he aims to reach are the poetry in which he recites, and he was just sent to show them how beautiful they might not have noticed they are. -From

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